White Magic Spell Topics

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1. - Everyday Witchcraft

bulletWhat Witchcraft Can do for You
bulletBlack and White Magic
bulletDoes Witchcraft Work?

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7. - To be Beautiful, You must be Healthy!

bulletFor Your Skin
bulletFor Your Hair
bulletTo Lose Weight
bulletTo Gain Weight
bulletFor Restful Sleep
bulletTo Prevent Colds
bulletTo Break a Fever
bulletTo Cure a Headache

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2. - Essential " Witchy" Things

bulletThe Right Time
bulletThe Right Place
bulletSpell Ingredients
bulletTools of the Trade
bulletThe Right Emotion

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8. - To tell a Fortune is to see the Past and the Present!

bulletThe Pendulum
bulletProphets Pebbles
bulletThe Magic Circle
bulletSorcerer's Scrabble
bulletCandle Flame

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3. - Love Foods & Aphrodisiacs

bulletLove Foods
bulletBridal Brunch
bulletWitch's Toddy
bulletLove Powder
bulletSpicy Bouquet
bulletBewitched Candies
bulletWild Venison
bulletWhat NOT to Serve

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9. - For any Occasion, There is a Spell!

bulletFor Good Luck
bulletTo Make Money
bulletFor Unwelcome Visitors
bulletTo Find Something
bulletTo Become Pregnant
bulletTo Decides a Baby's Sex
bulletTo Make a Garden Grow
bulletTo Put Someone in Your Power

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4. - How to Win Your Man!

bulletLove Doll
bulletLove Doll, Updated
bulletA Gift of Love
bulletA Little Larceny
bulletWitch's Garden
bulletFor Enduring Love
bulletTo Win Him Back

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10. - Amulet's, Talismans, Pendant's, Pentacle's, etc.

bulletHow to Use an Amulet
bulletHow to Use a Talisman
bulletHow to Find Them
bulletPrecious and Semi-Precious Stones
bulletSymbols and Shapes
bulletMagic Squares and Triangles

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5. - Just a little bit of VENGEANCE

bulletTo Bring Bad Luck
bulletTo Physically Torment an Enemy
bulletTo Transfer an Illness
bulletTo Avenge a Broken Heart
bulletHate Doll
bulletTo Reverse a Spell

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11. - Esoteric Symbol Photo's

bulletEgyptian Pendulums / Metal Pendulums
bulletArkonaut's Crystal Pendulums
bulletSome Advice
bulletCandles and Candleholders
bulletThe Magic of Stones and Gems
bulletCrystal Balls

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6. - Protect Yourself!

bulletAgainst Evil Spirits
bulletFor Your Family
bulletFor Your Home
bulletFor Blessing Appliances
bulletFor Your Car

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12. - Symbols & Shapes

bulletThe magic powers of shapes and symbols.

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