Attributes: Power, passion, retribution, single-mindedness.
Symbols: A scepter in the shape of a papyrus plant; the ankh, symbol of life.
(Sekhmet was also acknowledged as a healing deity, who could ward off or bring on pestilence.)
Feast and Festival Days: January 7, September 11, December 31.
Colors: Blood red, gold.

Culture/Origin: Egyptian.

Myth: Sekhmet, whose name means "powerful," was the lioness-headed Sun Goddess who possessed great magical and healing skills. One day Sekhmet became angry at humankind's disregard for divine order. In a maelstrom of bloodthirsty rage, she killed and ate so many people that the other deities feared Sekhmet would annihilate the human race. They combined beer and pomegranate juice and spread seven thousand jars of the mixture on the earth. Sekhmet, mistaking the liquid for blood, consumed it all and became intoxicated, unable to complete her slaughter. She fell into a stupor and when she awoke, her rage was gone.

Sekhmet's Wisdom: When you deny your anger, you deny your passion and your ability to effect change. My life force is with you as you seek justice through the cleansing power of rage.

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