Horse goddess; chthonic goddess.  (great queen)
Moon / Mars / Pluto / Earth
(European: Celtic: Irish, Welsh, Gallic, Cornish)

Rhiannon, Divine Queen, rules horses, death, the Earth, and the Otherworld. White Widow is her title, in some traditions. She is also known as Rigantona, Rig-ant-ona, or Rig Antona. Her titles were Great High Queen and Great Divine Queen.

All birds and horses are sacred to Rhiannon, but crows, ravens, and white horses, especially white mares, are particularly sacred to her. White is her color, and ivy is Rhiannonís sacred plant. March 4 is her feast day.

Invoke Rhiannon for truth, dreams, speed, fertility, enchantment, honor, patience, prosperity, creativity, singing, vegetarianism, dream magic, dream work, lunar magic and rituals, communicating with animals, surviving a false accusation, overcoming enemies, protecting animals, recovering from abuse, restoring your honor, overcoming wrongful punishment, and working magically with horses or birds. Invoke her as Rigantona for creativity.

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