Great Goddess; Earth Mother; Trickster.  (hag)
Earth / Gemini
(European: Celtic: Irish)

Sheela-na-gig rules birth, death, rebirth, outlook, portals, and the womb. She is also called Sighle-na-Gcioch or Sheela na Cioch, The Old Woman of the Stones, and the Blind One of the Breasts. The many variant spellings of her name include Sila, Síla, Sheela, Sheelah, Sheila; Sheela-na-gig, Sheelagh-na-Gig, Sheila na Gig, Sheila-Na-Gig, and Síla na Géige. March 18 is Sheelaís Day.

Invoke Sheela-na-gig for fertility, protection, birth, blessings, passage, pathworking, regeneration, reincarnation, laughter, exhibitionism, female power, sex magic, Trickster energy, protection from spirits, the fertility of the Earth, workings which relate to the spiral of life, creating sacred space, opening a way, guarding sacred places, walking between worlds, lifting curses, and drawing down the Moon.

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