Great Goddess; Dark Goddess; Mother Goddess; Triple Goddess; Crone Goddess.  (black)
Pluto / Saturn / Moon / Fire / Earth
(Asian: Hindu)

Kali is a very powerful goddess. She rules time, karma, dharma, fire, life, death, witches, creation, destruction, reincarnation, evil, dissolution, ecstatic experiences, cremation, duality, paradoxes, criminals, the past, the present, the future, cosmic truth, the phases of the Moon, the spiral of life, uncompromising sexuality, those who stand outside society, and all finite things.

Her thousand names and titles include Kalika, Kamarupa (in the form of desire), Kalaratri (black night), Kottavei, Chamunda, Kausiki, Svaha, Svadha, Bhavani, Sandhya, Vindhyavasini, Mohini, Maya, Hari, Sri, Kali Nath, Shyama-Kali, Karali (frightening), Kapali (wearer of skulls), Kumari (virgin), Prakiritia (nature), Vijaya (victory), Tarini (deliverer), Chandi (formidable), Mandaravasini (dweller on the Mandara), and Siddhasenani (general of the Siddhas). Buddhist names for her include Kadi, Sri Devi, and Kakaradi. In Tibet she is Lhamo, God Mother. In English, her titles include The Mother, The Black One, The Black Goddess, The Black Mother, Black Time, Mighty Time, The All-Pervasive, Lady of Life, Dark Mother, Divine Mother, Great Matriarch, Ancestress of this entire Universe, Absolute Night, The Destroyer, The Terrible, Consort of Shiva, Night of Destruction, and Treasure House of Compassion.

She is also Bhadra Kali, Adamantine Kali; Kali Ma, Mother of Karma; Kalikamata, Black Earth Mother; Nitya-Kali, Endless Time; Daksina Kali or Daksina Kalika, Kali of the South, Remover of the Fear of Death; Kali Mahamaya, the Great Sorceress; Rasha-Kali, The Protectress; Vishvamata, Cosmic Mother; Gauri, Radiant Mother; Bhavatarini, The Redeemer; Smashana Kali, Kali of the Cremation Grounds; Savitri, Mother of the Vedas; and Guhya Kali, Secret Kali. As Mahakali (Great Kali) she is The Formless One, The Great Power, and The Absolute Mother of Karma. In Tibet and in Tantra her names include Dhumavati Devi, Chandika Devi, Remati, and Shankapali Devi.

Black is Kaliís main color, but red is also sacred to her. Five is her sacred number, and all the consonants of the Sanskrit alphabet are her sacred letters. The crane is Kaliís sacred bird. All black animals, but especially dogs, sheep, and birds are sacred to her. February 17 is Kaliís nativity.

Invoke Kali for fire spells, transformation, strength, power, Goddess power, kundalini power, mystic powers, energy, intensity, protection, purification by fire, blessings, bliss, battle, ecstasy, creation, destruction, regeneration, fertility, wisdom, abundance, laughter, dominion, liberation, provocation, pleasure, sensuality, transcendence, mercy, Tantra, night magic, sex magic, dream work, immediate action, the Great Rite, cremation rituals, weather magic, frontal assault, and spells which relate to time itself. She can also be invoked for overcoming fear, working on your karma, removing darkness, destroying enemies, being reliable, sharpening your intuition, ending co-dependency, setting yourself free, consuming negativity, burning away everything that is not worth keeping, destroying ignorance, vanquishing demons, overcoming ego, ending suffering, bearing spiritual children, protecting women and children from abuse, maintaining world order, and coming to terms with the fear of death.

Invoke her as Mahakali for scholarship, as Kali Mahamaya for magic, and as Raksha-Kali for protection against earthquakes, droughts, floods, famine and epidemics. Invoke her as Kali Ma when a woman is in imminent danger of violence. Nighttime, during the dark of the Moon, is the most powerful time for Kaliís worship or invocation. Pits, crematoriums, and places where natural flames burn, are power places for her invocation. Marigolds, sweets, spices, incense, alcohol, blood, and meat, especially lamb and goat, are traditional offerings to Kali. The sound of a string of tinkling bells is said to be pleasing to her.

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