God of passage and beginnings; solar god.
Sun / Water / Winter / January / Dawn / Dusk / Gemini
(European: Etruscan, Roman)

Janus rules doors, doorways, oak doors, portals, threshholds, archways, ceremonial archways, gates, gateways, passage, roadways, calendars, journeys, bridges, cycles, dawn, dusk, the conception of new life, the year, the measurement of the year, the first day of each month, entrances and exits, beginnings and endings, opposite directions; the past, present, and future; going in and coming out, the orderly movement of people at their normal tasks, the transition from one stage or state to another, and all beginnings. His name is also spelled Ianus. His titles include God of Gods, Divine Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper of the Gods, Guardian of Doors, The Twofold God, and Custodian of the Universe.

The oak is his sacred tree. Janus is celebrated at New Year and at the Agonia of Janus, on January 7 or 9. Invoke Janus for protection, beginnings, endings, wisdom, new enterprises, creation, bright beginnings, transferring from one department, job, or organization to another; guarding gates, doorways and roadways; a good start; help and protection in wartime, guidance and protection on the road, looking forward, looking backward, looking inward, looking outward, opening a way, building a temple, and making a successful transition from one thing, state, stage, or place to another,

Sunrise, sunset, and the first hour of the day are the most powerful times of day for the invocation of Janus. The first day of the month, the first day of the year, and the first month of the year are powerful times for his invocation. Place his image over gates and doorways for protection.

Honor Janus for an auspicious beginning, when opening a new business, getting married, having a baby, moving, starting at a new job or school, planting crops, entering a new stage of life, making peace, and so forth. For a good harvest, offer Janus grains of wheat mixed with salt. Bake a large round loaf of focaccia, a bread made with flour, oil, eggs and cheese, and eat it in honor of Janus at harvest time.

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