Sent in by: Sarah  March 31, 2004

A Charm For Recalling the Faithless

At midnight light a new black candle, take a white wing feather
and dip it in some scented oil, then let its tip burn in the flame of the candle and say these words:

"Thy flight be stayed
Thy wing be bound
This cloud casts thee
To the ground."

Dip the feather into the oil again, then break it into small pieces and fold these up in silver paper. Bind this charm with black thread, and bury it in the earth next to your doorstep.

This will bring back your lover and once back, you must anoint that persons brow and palms with the same oil.

Yet reveal not the reason for this anointment as its power will diminish, this spell done correctly then that person shall not leave again.

My request is for this site to forever more be on the
web helping out others in need....


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