Sent to my Guest Book by: Szoraha  August 11, 2004

I really love your website I thought it was a blessinly peaceful site to visit. I have added it to my BOS as my most favorite sites to visit and browse. I am going to come back as often as I can.
I also loved your white magick spells and I have encountered a great deal of misery since I have been married and am now divorced. I do hope that you will guide and direct me on the natural earth based religion each and every time I visit your site.

I wish you love and eternal peace in your life. I also have prayed that all of the souls of witches who were persecuted and murdered during the
burning times will be reunited in Summerland or in a realm of the
supernatural where we can commune and get to know each other and
live peaceful, fruitful and happy lives and I also wish this for our families
in the Earth based religion.
Blessed be to you and the creators of this web site.

Signed, Szoraha

Stay Away Potion

I have a spell for a stay away potion that does work.
I found it in a Wicca book by Denise Zimmerman and Katherine Gleason.

I adapted the spell to what I had on hand at home I used tap water as I did not have any distilled water.

4 oz. of distilled water
2 tsp. cayenne pepper
3 tsp. stinging nettles
1 tsp. Tabasco

Mix all ingredients together and place your intent into the potion.
Let the potion sit for three days.
Each day at the same time of day, reinforce your intent into the potion.
After three days, take the potion and sprinkle on the sidewalk outside your home, the porch, and around the doorway so unwanted visitors will fell uncomfortable in your home and go away.
This potion works great with in-laws.
Refresh the potion and reinforce your intent every week until your problem goes away.

Love Potion

4 oz. of distilled water
4 oz. of Lavendar oil
5 drops cinnamon oil
3 drops clove oil
1 pinch of dragon's blood powder
(A semi-sweet, mildly spicy, floral aroma available in powder and pieces. It is thought to have aphrodisiac properties and has been used in incantations to bring back loved ones.)
1 small rose quartz crystal

Combine all ingredients and place in a bottle; infuse with your intent.
Let it sit for nine days. Each and every day at the same time of day,
reinforce your intent into the potion. After the ninth day, spray the potion
in the room before the object of your affection comes over.
Or heat the potion in a room diffuser. You can also place a
tablespoon or two in the washing machine and let your clothes
become infused with the potion's energies.
Wear your magickally infused clothes around your honey to enhance your personal charm.


I wrote this spell I set up my altar with athame, candles and your representive God/Goddess or Lord/Lady and visualized my intent:

"With this spell starting today.
Let hate and evil fall away.
Place my prayers with my kids and pray
for guidance for whatever they did.
Lord/Lady or God/Goddess
I pray to forgive them each and everyday."

For Thanks

Offering Spells to the God/Goddess or Lord/Lady: For Thanks

Set up your altar the way you usually set it up. Then prepare your favorite meal including a drink whether it is wine, beer or soft drinks of your choice. Place the meal upon the altar and recite:

"With this meal I invoke a prayer of
thankfulness not to provoke.
I pray this meal will nourish you today,
and bring peace, solidarity
and thankfulness my way.
Dear Lord/Lady or God/Goddess
I thank you for any and all gifts
that have come way."


To pray for prosperity to overcome drug addiction to achieve sobriety ask the Lord/Lady or God/Goddess. To begin I set up my altar in the usual fashion. I then take any coins or dollar bills or returnable bottles anything that you have that represents money. Place them on the altar, in the center of my pentagram on my altar cloth. I then recite:

"Dear Lord/Lady or God/Goddess
I come before you to request a way
to earn money with this test.
I am honest and my integrity is my
creed and never lust, anger, or greed.
Please help me to overcome my misdeeds
(drugs, theft for them or alcohol related incidents)
with your guidance please intercede
I pray from this day forth to always
follow the rightful path to help myself
and others with this prayer.
To utilize the funds that I accrue to
provide food, shelter and utilities so
that I can overcome drugs, cigarettes
and/or alcohol so that I can help me."

I hope these spells will be of help to any readers of this site. Please pass then on to someone. I fashioned these spells myself as I am solitary and did not have anyone to help me overcome drugs and I did it this way on my own.

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