Just a little bit of VENGEANCE

As already noted, this book does not deal with black magic. However, it is a tradition in witchcraft black or white that deliberate injury must be repaid threefold for the scales of justice to be balanced. Thus, the spells in this chapter are intended to avenge an injury someone has done, or is trying to do, to you. This is the only justifiable reason for working these rituals. If they are used against someone you simply don't like, are jealous of, etc., you stray dangerously close to black magic. Bear in mind too that any spell you cast can be turned against you threefold so beware!


To call a little general misfortune down on the head of an enemy, water a branch of weeping willow every day for seven days, catching the water in a bucket each time and reusing it. When the moon is dark, pour the water in front of your enemy's home. In no time at all, he'll be afflicted with a series of minor annoyances lost money, stubbed toes, flat tires, etc.

Or, go to a well and draw some water. Kneel down and pour it on the ground saying:

"Thus let my enemy's power be spilled
like water and sink into the earth."

Nothing he undertakes will go well for him from that moment on.

If a business associate has harmed you, take a blank piece of paper and write these words on it in water using a new pen or Q-tip:

"Water turn to vinegar, venom and gall
So to him (or her) who receives this,
Much harm may befall."

Let the paper dry; then write or type a letter on it in the ordinary way, and send it off to the unsuspecting wrongdoer.

If your enemy deserves serious troubles, try this very strong spell. Get a new piece of cord; on a Friday night after the rise of a new moon, make one knot at one end, another at the opposite end. Continue, alternating from end to end, until there are nine knots, all equally spaced. As you tie, concentrate on the name of the person who has wronged you and the evil done to you. If possible, bury the cord in a flower pot in your enemy's home. If not, bury it in the ground as close to the home as possible. Soon grave misfortunes will begin to rain down on him.


Cut a branch from a year old tree, pronouncing the name of your antagonist as you do. Take the branch home. When night falls, lay it on a thick carpet. Name your enemy aloud again, and beat the branch as hard as you can (but don't break it). The person will wake up the next morning as bruised and sore as if he'd been beaten.

To cause insomnia, steal a piece of your enemy's clothing and a few strands of his hair. On a moonless night, sprinkle the clothing with bits of straw; then burn the hair and rub the clothing with the ashes Bury the whole shebang in ground near your enemy's home. He'll toss and turn in his bed for weeks afterward.

If you want someone overcome by fever and chills, tear a small piece from the clothing you've stolen; wrap the piece around the top of a dark brown candle. (Don't use black; it could kill him.) Then light the candle. As his clothing burns, his temperature will rise. When the ashes cool, he'll shiver and tremble. You can continue casting this spell night after night until the whole garment is burned up; by then you should be well avenged for the evil done to you.

A very ancient spell for causing physical weakness in someone who has wronged you is to take a new knife and cut a lemon into quarters. While you cut, concentrate on the injury done to you and whisper:

"As the fibers of this fruit fall asunder, so too
the bands of (your enemy's name) strength."

The object of the spell will immediately feel a cutting pain in his heart and a general weakness throughout his body.


Another way to cause an enemy physical weakness is to give him an illness of yours. (This is a particularly satisfying revenge against someone who has been unsympathetic about your pain.) Into a small bag, put some part of you that's been very close to the affliction. For instance, if you have a headache, put in a few strands of your hair; for a sty, include an eyelash and perhaps a tear or two. If this is impossible, put a small piece of your clothing in the bag instead. Bury it near the home of the person you wish to inflict, or in the apartment dweller's ever useful potted plant all the while concentrating on your dislike for the person. Within hours, he'll come down with your ailment. And, for a bonus you'll feel just fine!


Despite the fact that you're the kindest and most understanding of women and in the face of your strongest love magic (alas, it happens), the man you love has cruelly jilted you. Never mind: mop up your tears and follow one of witchcraft's oldest teachings:

"Don't get mad: get even."

To make certain that a faithless lover suffers three times the agony he's caused you, light a red candle on a night when you're especially unhappy. As the flames flicker, stare at them, and remember how miserable the man has made you. Then stab the candle three times with a straight pin and say:

"Three times this candle's broken by me.
Three times your heart will broken be."

Do this on the same night, preferably Friday, seven consecutive times. Soon some heartwarming reports on the gentleman's troubles with his latest loves should start drifting back to you.

To insure quarrels between your man and his new lady love, pulverize verbena leaves and scatter the powder in a place where you know they often walk. If you're still on speaking terms with him, invite him to your house and cast this spell just for good measure. Approach him from the left side and sweep under his feet with your broom.

No woman will marry him for at least a year.

If the man is a real card with whom no woman's love is safe, use this spell to make certain that he never breaks another heart. Stick some straight pins into a chicken heart and roast it over an open fire. While it's cooking say:

"As this heart does broil and burn;
So make (
name the cad) heart to yearn.
I wish him neither last nor love.
Till all stars drop from heaven above."


The little love doll described earlier can also be made into a little hate doll, if necessary. For this purpose, make the doll in any of the ways described in Love Spells, but don't put anything of yourself in it or the curse may rebound on you. (However, remember to include as many belongings of your enemy as possible.) When the new moon rises, start the ritual by naming the doll aloud, for your enemy. Then treat it according to the injury done to you. For instance:

bulletTo quiet a gossipy neighbor, sew up the doll's lips (or go through the motions of sewing).  To add to the spell, you might say:

"If nothing but ill from your lips can fall,
Let there be nothing from them at all."

bulletTo punish a lazy person who dumps his work on you, attach a small stone to a dark brown thread; hang it around the doll's neck, and say:

"Since you will ill not do your own fair share,
Three times the burden you must bear."

To banish a woman who is trying to steal your man, put her doll in the most unpleasant, foul smelling place you can find. (A garbage dump or sewer would be splendid.) In no time at all, the woman should become very uncomfortable in her own home, job wherever she's been waylaying your man and move away.

If you are absolutely furious with the person, you can greatly strengthen the spell by burning a dark brown candle as you work. Whichever ritual you are casting, keep at it for fifteen minutes each night until the full moon appears. In most cases, spells worked through dolls bring fairly prompt results. However, if your enemy resists a spell, start it again at each new moon and keep working it until the full moon appears. As with love dolls, hate dolls should be wrapped in non-synthetic fabric and hidden carefully away when you're not working with them.


The day may come when you feel that your enemy has suffered enough; then you'll want to restore him to his former good luck or health. If you have caused misfortune or physical discomfort to someone, spit into your right hand (your left if you're left handed); wish the person well, and the injury will go away. If you've cast a string spell, also go to the person's home; dig up the string and untie the knots. (Don't leave these spells in effect too long. If the string has rotted, you may not be able to lift the curse.) To render a hate doll harmless, bless a pale blue candle according to the ritual on Spells for Protection. Light the candle: then hold the doll under cold running water and say:

"No longer are you (the enemy), but only clay.
I've done with you till another day."

Then remove the identifiers, hair, nails, etc. 
Burn them and throw the rest away.


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