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The rituals in this chapter are intended to ward off the normal, everyday sort of bad luck that comes to everyone. However, they are also effective against black magic that someone is practicing on you or your loved ones! In using these spells, remember to muster all the love and concern you have for the person or thing you want to protect. If you don't, your magic may not be strong enough to provide the necessary shield.


Various malign influences are always loose in the atmosphere. No matter what you do or don't do one day these forces may decide to focus on you or your family. However, when you start practicing witchcraft, the chances of drawing the attention of these mischief-makers increase greatly.

Thus, if you intend to use any of the spells contained in these web pages, make certain that you also cast at least one (preferably both) of the following spells; they create an unpleasant environment for evil spirits.

The right symbol (or hex) can frighten evil forces and keep them from entering your home.
One particularly effective hex is this five-pointed star (also known as a pentagram):

(See Amulets & Talismans

Draw the star, in white chalk, on the inside of every door and on the sill of every window. (Don't forget attics and basements.) Make certain that the top of the star faces upward on the doors and outward on the sills; otherwise you may bring misfortune into the home instead of warding it off.

To divert evil forces that may already be in your home, fill a bowl (preferably of brass) with water and throw in a pinch of salt. Put the bowl at the head of your bed each night before you go to sleep. As you place it say:

"Wicked demons, touch not me nor mine,
Thy power I drain into this brine."

In the morning, empty the bowl down a drain. (Incidentally. make certain that no child or pet takes a sip of the water has stood overnight; it may he contaminated.)

If you fear that someone is calling up evil forces against you, write his name, in red ink, on a verbena leaf. (If you can't get a leaf, use a piece of paper cut into the leafs shape.) Carry it with you always, and the person will be unable to harm you.


To protect a child from bad influences at school, parties, etc., gather a bunch of sea shells and wrap them in an article of the child's clothing. Pluck a few strands of your hair and braid them together with a silken thread. Wrap the braided thread around the clothing and shells until you have a tight bundle. Keep this hidden in the room at home where you spend the most time. As long as it's there, your child will never forget the rules of conduct you've taught him.

To keep children safe from physical harm for a day, throw a handful of sand, grain or rice after them as they leave your home (but don't let them see you do it). According to one of witchcraft's oldest traditions, the scattered sand (or rice or grain) has the power to form a protective shield around children until darkness falls.

If any member of your family is going on a long trip, place a bunch of hazel nuts and an article of the traveler's clothing under his pillow at home. The nuts bring the person good luck on his trip; his clothes, combined with your love bring him safely back to his own bed.


To protect your home from burglaries, get up before sunrise, and put a pinch of pepper on the threshold of one door and the sill of one window. As you place it there say:

"Pepper sting rogue, knave or thief;
Who so breaks this bond finds grief.
I mean it for this sill and door,
And all through this house forevermore."

To prevent fires, light a red candle during a full moon; then quickly douse the flame with a glass of water while saying:

"Fire bright; fire cease.
I will you leave this home in peace."

Put the unlit candle just outside your kitchen door. At each full moon, cast the spell again.

If someone or something (like a dog!) trespasses on your property, find the intruder's footprints and drive a nail through them. He (or it) will develop a dislike for your land and trespass no more.


Whenever you get a new appliance, bless it to remove any evil spirits it may harbor and to make certain that it doesn't break down. To start the blessing ritual, clean the item thoroughly. Next measure out a teaspoon of olive oil and add to it a pinch of salt and a pinch of your favorite spice. Anoint the object by allowing a drop of the oil mixture to fall on it. (The oil is likely to stain. so choose a hidden area.) Rub the rest of the mixture on a light blue candle, working from the center to either end. Then burn the candle down to its socket. This basic ritual can be used on any appliance. However, you may vary the rite slightly to increase its power over a specific object. For example:

To bless a stove, light all the burners and the oven; then dab a little bit of the salt and oil mixture on each while saying:

"Cook food well and serve us long.
Bring us health and make us strong."

To keep the spell in effect, sprinkle a little salt on a lit burner each Monday morning.

To bless a washing machine, add a drop of distilled water to the oil mixture. Anoint the machine and candle in the prescribed way; then light the candle; put it on top of the machine and say:

"All dirt and soil away do roll.
Cleanse us both in body and soul."

For a small appliance, anoint both it and the candle. Place the candle as above; light it and say:

I bid you welcome to our home. It's here that you will dwell. I'll tend to you; you'll tend to me. And serve this family well.


To keep thieves from your car, take a little oil from its crankcase and add a pinch of salt. Rub this on the steering wheel and each tire and say:

"I say these words my spell to wind.
And with this spell, this car I bind.
So he who steals it, though far away,
Will have no rest by night nor day."

To protect your car from accidents, place a whisker or two from an animal into a small bag and hang it over the dashboard. Then say:

"As these hairs guided the beast they served,
so let them guide this car through danger."


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