September 2004

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Lady Ishtar's Newsletter
1. Building a Book of Shadows by SkyeWolf
2. Happiness is a decision by Anja Heij
3. Spell of the Month: Abundance Spell by Ostara Nitewillow
4. By Special Request I have written about "Summerland"
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to read my writings.
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1. Building a Book of Shadows by SkyeWolf

A witch's Book of Shadows. That mysterious Grimoire that holds all the information
a witch will ever need, a volume of all the spells ever written, the magic of the ages
bound together with paper and ink….
Poppycock. It is not some ancient arcane book that you will come across covered
with dust and buried in the back room of your local antique store (and if you did, I'd steer clear).
Yes a witch's Book of Shadows contains spells and information but it grows with the witch.
When you begin, and possibly for some time after, your BoS will be almost empty.
When and what you fill it with is, by and large, up to you.
I like to start off my BoS with a blessing of protection for the book as well as its contents.
The nature of the spell or blessing is left up to you. I also like to follow with the Rede,
to serve as a reminder. Traditionally, a BoS was the witch's spell book, and, while
contemporary Books of Shadows do contain spells, they can also become a handy
reference volume housing your astrological charts, color correspondences, herbal
lore and crystal reference. A journal of your spell work is also useful to keep in your BoS.
List your results, the weather, moon phase, spell reference and accessories, as well
as your personal thoughts and feeling while performing the spell.
This can be accessed later depending on whether or not the spell worked to discover why. Keep things of interest to you in your BoS. Articles and bit of information, quotes, things that are pertinent to you magical life. Your Book of Shadows should be another of your tools of the Craft. Something you will be able to use in your magical workings.
When you plan your BoS think about what you want to use it for. It will be a process of evolution. When I began all I thought about putting in by BoS were spells, now I realize that it should be a reference to be used, not a place to store things and collect dust.
When you think about building your Book of Shadows, choose something large
enough so that you will be able to read what you have written. I remember I began with
this tiny hardbound journal from my local bookstore and I wrote in green ink.
It was horrible to read by candlelight! I have since switched to a 2 inch 3 ring binder
that I covered with green cloth and decorated to my liking. What I have given you
above are a few hints and tips, it is by no means the hard and fast rule.
Please remember, this is your book and, in the end, you decide what goes in,
what stays out and what it looks like.
* * * * * * * * *
2. Happiness is a decision by Anja Heij
Happiness is transpersonal divine joy and fulfillment in creating and connecting.
It is the out bursting purity of the Universe. In happiness one is opening up to the
fullest for life, her gifts, possibilities and challenges. This implies that happiness is
not a goal, but a road to travel on, an attitude and an approach.
Since happiness lies in your heart, the best way to connect with it is to live life in
tune with yourself. A life of purpose, loving and giving, realizing your dreams and
moving in your own pace, will probably make you happy. Happiness lies in the
enjoyment of what you are doing and in inner development.
Do you remember waking up as a young child - every newborn day being a feast to
enjoy, to express yourself, play, learn, and discover something new? Remember the
urge for action it brought about, your outbursts of energy, and the unhappiness you
felt when you could not create what you wanted to or play with whom you wanted to?
Your inner child knows how to find back your paradise of happiness.
Happiness wishes to expand, reach out and merges - it is an active part of the God-force. Naturally it exists in various gradations, from contentment to the overwhelming, exalted moments of divine grace. I've had cosmic orgasmic moments of superfluous love and joy, simply running into the sea and being filled with so much happiness that I feared my heart would literally burst and I would die. During these experiences the calm sea became an omnipresent friend with enormous loud, rhythmical waves and I thought everyone on the beach would be part of my little big bang. I repeated the first spontaneous occurrence by running into the sea the same way and expecting the whole thing to happen again, and it did so in a less intense version. I remember a religious ritual in my childhood in which suddenly complete peace, fulfillment and happiness fell upon me and I thought that this for sure was Jesus. The weeks afterwards I repeated the feeling by acting the same way, namely opening up my heart and expecting with certainty that it would be there again - and so it did.
Happiness is not a treasure, hidden under the ground on some isolated island.
You will not find it when you search for it. You won't get it when you consider it a part
of your future. Happiness lies in living your life in agreement with yourself in the present moment.

To receive happiness you'll need to be ready for goodness, and dispose of enough self-worthiness to accept its super fluidity. How can it take place in a person doubting if he is okay?

Therefore feel happy, act happy and be happy.

The intense moments of cosmic happiness seem to occur during spiritual exercise, contact with nature and in great love, when the world around you is temporarily forgotten. Other degrees of happiness can be called forth by choosing a positive approach of life, in which the setbacks do not make you less being in love with life.
By nature happiness is too big for one person. If you abide in this great force you will
automatically radiate and share it.

The only other expression of such intense completion and fulfillment I know is named peace.

Peace and happiness are a spiritual sister and brother.
Where peace is completion, perfection and stillness in the embrace of the Goddess,
happiness seems to be the shining, radiating and active masculine component of the
abundance of Heaven. In peace you find totality in yourself-Yourself and in motionless
being; in happiness you know this great love and joy is so big that you wish to pass it
on to others. In peace you are Union; in happiness you wish to express this Union.
Peace is Divinity knowing itself; happiness is Divinity experiencing itself.
Happiness is a candle lighting other candles, still burning with the same intensity.
While peace is the mysterious smile, happiness is the cheerful laughter.
Peace is God-force turned inwards; happiness is God-force moving outwards.
May you decide to worship the God and the Goddess with your peace and happiness?
* * * * * * * * *
3. Abundance Spell by Ostara Nitewillow
Draw a pot of Earl grey tea first thing in the morning. Chant 9 times while imagining abundance
"Spirits of prosperity
Send abundance down to me
With harm to none so shall it be."
Drink a cup and pour the rest into a warm bath.
Hop in and visualize the abundance you need in your life. Say:
"Spirits of prosperity
Send the lush green light to me."
When you are finished bathing, take a cupful of the water out
and tip on the earth.
Do this on a Thursday during the waxing moon.
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