August 2004

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Lady Ishtar's Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 8
August 2004

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Lady Ishtar's Newsletter

In This Issue:

1. A Solstice Spell To Consecrate by Lady Ishtar
2. Determining Truth Through Divinity by Lady Ishtar
3. Spell of the Month: Peace and harmony to your home by Lady Ishtar

* * * * * * * *
1. A Solstice Spell To Consecrate by Lady Ishtar

This is a chant derived from very early Syrian Christians and
reworked to be a consecration and charging chant for a jar
of honey that I use as a prime ingredient some of my medicines.
An Evocation of the Sun to empower a substance
(in this case a jar of honey) with healing virtue:
Hail, Sun of Rightousness,
Who shines upon all the land.
Come upon this (honey);
Send your Sacred Fire into it;
Contain it and reveal it in your holy light.
Manifest your rule above the twelve powers,
That this (honey) become the phane
Where your generosity shines upon our desires.
In the name of your great archangel, Abraxas,
Whose hand is stretched out over the primal rays of the Cosmos,
You must enlighten my heart.
Shine upon me that I may share your joy,
That I may percieve your Wisdom.
Thank you, YHWH:
Holy Powerful One,
Holy Immortal One,
Holy Wise and all knowing One.
Hail, bright and shining Star,
For the joyful light you have shone upon me
Kairos, Kyrios!
light of gladness,
light of the aeons,
light of joy,
light of my eyes,
lamp of my body,
YHWH Sabaoth
Give me the sun as a garmet
and the moon for a cloak.
Carry me in the ship of the sun
That I may sail through and over
The tempest of evil.
Assign to me the rulers of the great planets,
Their spirit, their intelligence, their mighty powers,
That I may share in the life of the stars
And be made worthy to behold your face.
As you love me
You must give me your glory of the sun,
You of the great number,
That I be guarded from all evil.

* * * * * * * * *
2. Determining Truth Through Divinity by Lady Ishtar

Wei Tuo & Osiris

"No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong."
This quote from Albert Einstein shows how hard it is to determine truth, but how easy
it is to disprove it. Divinity, jury, combat, and experience are the four ways of determining truth.
The statues of Wei Tuo and Osiris both determine truth through divinity.
The stature of Wei Tuo is created from guilded bronze. Guilding is the process of putting
a layer of pure gold over bronze to make a statue abject and not corrode or turn green.
The statue of Wei Tuo is about a foot and a half tall and half a foot wide. It depicts Wei Tuo
as a hefty Chinese man with a solemn face. He is dressed in full ancient Chinese armor
and bears a sword.

The statue of Wei Tuo relates to truth through divinity. Wei Tuo's elaborate armor s
hows his importance as one of the eight divine protectors in Chinese Buddhism.
His solemn face shows is dedication. His jobs are to uphold truth, watch over Buddhist temples,
and keep away evil spirits. His armor and sword shows his fighting ability.
After Buddha's death, Buddha's possessions were stolen by evil demons.
Wei Tuo fought the demons and successfully regained Buddha's possessions.
The statue of Osiris is made from pure bronze, which has corroded and turned a greenish color.
The statue was created following the "Cannon of Proportion." The "Cannon of Proportion"
was used in ancient Egypt to control the look, proportion, and pose of all artwork.
The cannon basically made all artwork of the time period have the same look.
The statue is very simple and plain. It is about the same size as the stature of Wei Tuo.
Like most Egyptian art, the statue shows Osiris wearing the usual headdress and beard.
The statue also shows Osiris with his body wrapped and in a proper and dignified pose.
The statue of the Osiris also relates to truth through divinity. Osiris is one of the main
Gods in Egyptian mythology. He represented the male reproductive force in nature.
Osiris became associated with the setting sun and everything below the western horizon.
The western horizon was known as the realm of the dead or the underworld.
Therefore, he was also known as the God of the dead. His wife and sister, Isis,
who represented the female force in nature, was the goddess of the earth and moon.
As king, Osiris taught his people law, agriculture, religion, and other blessings of
civilizations to keep them from becoming barbarians.

Wei Tuo and Osiris were both important gods in their societies. Wei Tuo upheld truth,
watched over Buddhist temples, and kept away evil spirits. Osiris represented the male
reproductive force in nature, was associated with the setting sun,
and taught his people as king. Both determine truth through divinity.

* * * * * * * * *
3. To protect and bring peace and harmony to your home by Lady Ishtar

Take equal parts of Betony and Lavender, blend
them together in a mortar. After mixing well, charge the herbal mixture.
Using a small amount, sprinkle across the doorstep. All the while, you
should be concentrating on the vivid barrier and repeat the following

"This doorstep with its welcome ways,
be guarded by a shield of rays.
to guard this home by day and night,
protect it with this door of white.
Let nothing enter not of good,
and those within do as they would.
The aura left by herb and spell,
will safely seal this entrance well."

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