Flower goddess; goddess of pleasure. (flowery plumage)
Moon / Virgo / Spring
(Mesa-American: Aztec)

Xochiquetzal rules love, marriage, flowers, women, art, music, women, magic, spinning, weaving, and changes. Also called Xochiquetzal-Ichpuchtli, she is the matron of weavers, sacred prostitutes, and professions which imitate nature. Her titles include Flower Mistress, Flower-Feather, Most Precious Flower, Flower of the Rich Plume, Bitch Mother, and Blue-Skirted Lady.

Marigolds are sacred to her. Invoke Xochiquetzal for beauty, sensuality, survival, crafts, fertility, childbirth, agriculture, dance, music, singing, repopulation, flower magic, sexual freedom, love spells, knot magic, sexual pleasure, sex magic, and a fruitful marriage. Feathers, marigolds, and small earthenware images of her are appropriate offerings to Xochiquetzal.

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