White Buffalo
Calf Woman

Attributes: Knowledge, peace, ancient wisdom, connectedness.
Symbols: Buffalo (to the Sioux, the buffalo represents all of creation and life-giving qualities),
pipe (representing sacredness and peace).
Feast and Festival Days: July 5, September 3, November 20, December 27.
Colors: White, green, brown, blue.

Culture/Origin: Native American (Lakota Sioux).

Myth: White Buffalo Calf Woman was sent by the Great Spirit (Wakan-Tanka) to teach spiritual knowledge to the Sioux. She appeared as a beautiful woman wearing a white buckskin dress decorated with porcupine quills. Teaching the people in a sacred teepee built especially for her, White Buffalo Calf Woman gave the chief a pipe and instructed him in the ritual of smoking it. She taught the people that when smoking the sacred pipe one prays for the earth and all living creatures, and that all are blessed. She then wandered away from the great tent, turning into a white buffalo and disappearing from sight.

White Buffalo Calf Woman's Wisdom: I come to remind you that when the bond and dependency between the earth and all its living creatures are broken, disruption and harm occur for all. Remember to always evaluate the impact of your words and actions.

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