God of preservation; chief of the Hindu pantheon.
Sun / Mercury / Saturn / Fire / Earth / Spring / Noon / Leo

(Asian: Hindu)

Vishnu rules light, preservation, order, history, karma, the status quo, infinity, morality, moral balance, and the universe itself. His many names and titles include Visnu, Sri Vishnu, Maha Vishnu (great Vishnu), Sri Maha Vishnu, Lord Vishnu, Narayana, Lord Narayana, Hari, Lord Hari, Harihara, Aniruddha, Anantasayana, Adhoksaja, Indiraramana, Vyapana Selanath Vishnu, Lord Sri Venkateswara, Vamana, Gauranga, Abjayoni, Abjaja, Venkataramananandan, Amritaya (the immortal), Anandi (bringer of joy), Anantajeet (the victor of infinity), Avinasha (indestructible), Brahmavid (knower of reality), Chakri, (holder of the wheel of the cosmos), Dhanya (giver of wealth), Eka (the on), Guruttam (the greatest teacher), Ishana (controller of all spirits), Jyestha (the eldest), Rakshan (the protector), and Sarvagny (the all-knowing). Vishnu is also called Lord of the Gods, The Savior, The All-Pervading, Preserver of the Earth, and The Preserver.

 Dark blue is Vishnuís color, and the emerald is his jewel. Plants sacred to Vishnu include holy basil, blue lotus, rose, and jasmine. The bodhi tree is his sacred tree. Sacred animals of Vishnu include birds, fish, the boar, bull, and lion. His symbols include the disk, conch shell, prayer wheel, and lotus flower. Vishnuís weapon is a mace. His feast is celebrated on October 6.

Invoke Vishnu for balance, karma, healing, protection, preservation, order, sleep, accomplishment, forgiveness, morality, worship, grace, love spells, clever solutions, help in times of great danger, slaying dragons and demons, and overcoming darkness. Invoke him as Anandi for happiness, as Dhanya for money spells, as Ishana for banishing spirits, and as Rakshan for protection. Midday is a powerful time for his invocation.

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