Sea god; one of the Olympians.
Neptune / Moon / Water / Earth / Air / December / Pisces
(European: Greek)

Poseidon is also called Poseiadaon, Poteidon, Poteidan, and Potidan. His name may be translated as Lord of Earth;, the lord of the Earth-goddesses, or even the who gives to drink from the wooded mountain, which may refer to a ship upon the ocean. His titles include Earth Shaker, God of Fishes, Encircler of Earth, and Mare-Tamer. He was also known as Poseidon Asphalios and Poseidon Hippios, Lord of Horses.

Poseidon rules oceans, lakes, rivers, springs, subterranean water, earthquakes, floods, horses, seafaring, mariners, islands, real estate, coastal erosion, the surface of the earth, and the physical universe. The trident is Poseidonís symbol, and his tool of power. The bull, horse, and ram are sacred to him, as are the dolphin, porpoise, seal, fish, and all marine life. Horses are his most sacred animal. Bulls and horses were offered in ancient times as sacrifices to Poseidon. He was also honored with regattas of ships. Ash trees and pine trees are sacred to Poseidon.

The Greek month of Poseideon, which began with the new Moon, was sacred to Poseidon. On our calendar, Poseideon corresponds roughly to December. December 23 was when the Poseidea of Poseidon was celebrated. November 7, December 1, and January 5 are the other feast days of Poseidon.

Invoke Poseidon for sea power, sea spells, seafaring, fertility, orgasms, sex magic, transformation, rebirth, resurrection, energy, oracles, divination, psychic work, agriculture, vengeance, imprisonment, constructive violence, independent action, unshakable power, material creation, shape shifting, fishing (especially tuna fishing), bronze working, taming horses, saving ships, changing sides, protecting oceans and all other bodies of water, calling storms at sea, learning not to be a sore loser, and learning to overcome sibling rivalry. Invoke him as Poseidon Asphalios for protection from earthquakes.

Suitable offerings to Poseidon include fragrant oils, wheat, flour, wine, cheese, honey, sheepskins, and gold. In ancient times he was also offered sacrifices of cattle, rams, and humans.

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