Attributes: Volatile, impulsive, destructive, awe-inspiring, imperious.
Symbols: Volcanoes, mountains, fire.
Feast and Festival Days: January 28, March 16, June 7, August 30.
Colors: Red, yellow, orange, black.

Culture/Origin: Polynesian (Hawaiian).

Myth: Pele left her island home after setting it afire. She arrived with her sisters in Hawaii, where she was revered by the Hawaiians as the Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes. She fell in love with Lohiau, god of the ocean, and seduced him before returning to her mountain home. Pele sent her trusted sister, Hiiaaka, to bring Lohiau to her. On the long journey, Lohiau fell in love with Hiiaka, but Hiiaka remained faithful to her sister and refused the god's advances, returning him safely to Pele. The jealous goddess then burned her lover to death, but her flames could not scorch Hiiaka, who freed Lohiau's soul from the underworld and fled with him back to his homeland. Pele is still revered (and feared) today in Hawaii, and people still report seeing her dancing on the rim of Hawaii's volcanoes.

Pele's Wisdom: I use my power to remind you that it is sometimes necessary to take swift, decisive action, despite the consequences. Call upon me to give you strength to take cutting-edge action when the situation demands it.

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