Attributes: Embodied, immanent, vital, bountiful, generous, direct, belonging.
Symbols: The earth, plow, cart.
Feast and Festival Days: February 28, April 22 (Earth Day), June 30.
Colors: Brown, green, earthy red.

Culture/Origin: European (Germanic).

Myth: Nerthus, whose name means "Earth," was the primary deity of the northern Germanic tribes. She resided on an island, where a statue of her rested in a cart. Each year, Nerthus, embodied in the statue, was drawn in an ox-cart in a sacred procession among the tribes. During this time all fighting stopped, and all weapons and tools were locked away until Nerthus completed her journey. Her visit was a time of festivity as the goddess brought prosperity and abundance to the earth. When her statue was returned to her island sanctuary, it was ritually cleansed by celebrants, who were then sacrificed to Nerthus, as they were believed to be unable to live a normal life after contact with her sacred image.

Nerthus' Wisdom: I help you to find your sacred sense of place, both in the world and in yourself. I live within you always, keeping you rooted to the earth. Call upon me when you feel disconnected from your source and seek a sense of belonging.

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