Goddess of ships and seafaring; fertility goddess.  (steerswoman)
Earth / Water
(European: Germanic; Romano-Celtic: Dutch, Frisian, Gallic)

Nehalennia, also spelled Nehellenia, rules ports, dogs, fertility, death, plant life, new life, the dead, and sea travel. Her title is The Seafarer. Nehalennia is the matron of sailors, fisherfolk, and sea traders. Dogs are her sacred animals, and she is assoiated with the North Sea. Nehalenniaís star is Sirius, which is also known as the dog star. Symbols associated with her include ships, oars, dogs, grain, and baskets of fruit.

Invoke Nehalennia for abundance, fertility, healing, knowledge, blessings, rebirth, sea spells, water magic, safe passage over water, working with dogs, guidance in the afterlife, and protection while at sea. Invoke her protection before setting sail, and thank her with a votive offering after the successful completion of a sea voyage.

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