To tell a Fortune is to see
the Past and the Present!

Of all the tricks in a witch's bag, fortune telling has got to he the most practical. Consider the possibilities: no more rained out picnics, unwise job choices, waiting for people who don't come and on and on. This section gives some time-honored rituals for peeking into the future. As always, concentration is crucial; for the magic to work, you must focus firmly on the information you want. One word of caution you may not always like what you foresee. However, bear in mind that these techniques reveal what will occur if events continue on their present course. Change the course and you change the future!


One of the simplest methods of fortune telling is the interpretation of pendulum movements. Attach a key, the older the better, to one end of a seven inch cord. Hold the other end of the cord so that the key dangles freely. Get the pendulum to hang as still as possible; then ask a question that can be answered yes or no. In a moment the pendulum will start to move.

If the key swings in a north to south direction, the answer is yes. If it swings east and west, the answer is no. If it rotates, the answer is perhaps, or that it's better for you not to have this information right now. Pendulum movements have another interesting use; they're the best method for predicting the sex of an unborn baby. Ask the pregnant woman to lie down; then hold the key over her abdomen. If the pendulum rotates, her child is a girl. If it moves back and forth, she'll give birth to a boy.

Incidentally, instead of a key, you may use a ring, pierced coin or any old object that can be attached to a cord. Keep experimenting until you find the pendulum best suited to your vibrations.


This is a very ancient method of fortune telling, still highly regarded in occult circles. To start, select three small stones or pebbles of approximately the same size and shape, but of very different colors. (Semiprecious gems, which have inherent spiritual powers work particularly well, but you may use any stones that seem to give off good vibrations) From the three, choose one stone to represent the Indicator, one for Yes and one for No. Your stones will keep the meanings you assign them for all time, so don't forget which is which. If necessary, write down their meanings until you are certain you have them memorized.

Next, ask a question that can be answered yes or no. Shake the pebbles like dice and throw them, not forcefully, on a large, rimless table. If the Yes stone is nearest the Indicator, the answer is yes; if the No stone is nearest, the answer is no. The closer the stone to the Indicator, the more definite your answer is.

If the stones are equally distant from the Indicator, there is no answer to your question, at least at the moment. If any roll off the surface, stop casting them for twenty-four hours.

When you become adept at interpreting the positions, add another stone to represent Maybe; this further qualifies your answers. For instance, suppose the Yes stone rolls closer to the Indicator than the No, but Maybe is between Yes and the Indicator. Your answer is probably yes.

Generally, pebbles must be cast over and over before they generate enough power to he accurate. However, as their (and your) powers grow, you may find that you can use your stones to influence the future as well as predict it. Do this by willing the pebbles to fall where you choose. For instance, suppose your question is, "Will my husband receive a promotion?" Before you cast the pebbles and while they're rolling concentrate on a yes answer. If you work your will on the pebbles, you work your will on the future event!

Obviously, such potentially powerful tools should be treated carefully. Keep your stones in their own container, and hide them when they're not working. You may use them to tell fortunes for other people, but allow no one else to handle them.


For questions that require more than a yes or no, try this, On a piece of white paper, draw a circle eleven inches across. Around the edge write all the possible answers to your question. For instance, to find the name of your future husband, write the names of all the men in your life.

Get a small top, the kind that children use. (Try to find one in a natural material such as wood or metal.) Anoint it according to the blessing ritual, (See Spells for Protection); put it in the center of the circle and spin it. Your answer lies at whatever point the top stops. If the top rolls off the circle or stops at an empty space, it means that you haven't written the right answer. Thus, if you were trying to find the name of your husband to be, he may be a man you don't know yet.

To make an all-purpose circle, write the letters of the alphabet, instead of specific answers, around the edge of the circle. Then keep spinning the top until it spells out the answer. (This method offers the widest scope for reaching information, but it does get rather tedious.)


For a short cut to a spelled out message, take the wooden letters from a Scrabble set and mix them up, face down, as if you were going to play the game. Then turn up twenty-four letters, one by one, and see if there is any message for you in their first order. If the pieces spell out complete gibberish (as they usually do for beginners), try to rearrange them, now face up, into some kind of sense. Remember to move the pieces one by one so that the message has every opportunity to reach you; however, you are limited to the original twenty four letters chosen.

Though this technique is not difficult, it does take time to develop the concentration necessary to make it work. Don't try it unless you're willing to practice. (It can be worth it; some witches swear they can find out practically anything from their Scrabble pieces.)


The flickering flame of a candle cannot give as precise information as the methods already mentioned. However, it can tell you if your environment bodes well or evil for you. To find out, choose a place that's free of any breezes. In that spot, arrange three candles all the same color and size in a triangle and light them.

If the flame of one candle burns more brightly than the others, you'll have an unexpected stroke of good luck. If any of the candles go out, you'll have bad luck. If the flames move in a circle, enemies are working against you. If any shoot out sparks, beware! That's a warning that you are surrounded by enemies. However, if the flames burn steadily, all will go well for you.


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