~~Witches’ Rune~~

Darksome Night and shining Moon;

Harken to this Witches’ Rune.

North, then South then East and West;

Attend Thee here; at my behest!


By power of Earth and Air and Fire and Sea;

Be Thou in accord with me.

Wand and Cauldron by candles’ light;

Awaken all ye into Life!!


Censer, pentacle and my cord;

Harken now, this discord!

By power and by spoken word;

By charge, my spell be cast: this word!!


Queen of Witches by ringing bell;

Send Thy aid unto this spell!

Horn-ed Hunter of the Night;

Work my will by Magick Rite!


By the powers of Land and Sea;

As I will, So Mote It Be!

By the Powers of Moon and Sun;

As I will; this spell is done!!



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