Invocation of the Horned God


By the flame that burneth bright,

O Horn’ed One!

We call Thy name into the Night,

O Ancient One!

Thee, we invoke, by moon-led sea,

By the standing stone and the twisted tree.

Thee, we invoke, where gather Thine Own,

By the nameless Shrine forgotten and alone.

Come where the round of the dance is trod,

Horn and hoof of the horsefoot God!

By moonlit meadow on dusky hill,

When the haunted wood is hushed and still.

Come to the charm of the chanted Prayer,

As the Moon bewitches the midnight air.

Evoke Thy Powers, that potent bide

In shining stream and the secret tide,

In fiery flame by starlight pale,

In the shadowy Host that rides the gale,

And in the fern-brakes, by the Sidhe are haunted

Of forests wild and woods enchanted.

Come!  O Come!

To the heart-beat’s drum

Come to us who gather below

When the white Moon is climbing slow

Through the stars to the heaven’s height.

We hear Thy hoofs on the winds of Night!

As black tree-branches shake and sigh,

By Joy and by Terror, we know Thee nigh!

We speak the spell Thy Power unlocks

At Solitice, Sabbat and Equinox.

Word of Virtue, the Veil to rend;

From primal dawn to all worlds’ ends.

Vision fade~NOT~from our eyes

Of the pagan paradise

Past the Gates of Death and Birth,

Our inheritance of the Earth.

From our Soul the Song of Spring

Fade~NOT~in our wanderings.

Our Life with all Life, is One;

By blackest Night or noonday Sun.

Eldest of Gods~on Thee~we call,

Blessings be on Thy creatures all.


(Internet Archival Library Site~17 September 2004~)


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