" Peace is understanding that community is not a place,  but rather the way in which we relate to each other based on our own motivations and desire for fulfillment."
~Linda White Dove~

Special Links:

Linda White Dove
Healing Instruction and Sessions for living as the true self you already are.
Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Sexual Sacredness, Loving,
Living Oneness and the offerings from the Lightarian Institute
(Reiki, Rays, AngelLinks and Source Link).

Energy Medicine Cabinet
 Do you want healing that addresses the root cause as well as symptoms?
Would you like an alternative to chemical medicine, intrusive surgery,
high medical costs, insurance hassles? All offerings are non-toxic, non-invasive,
easy and quick to use, all natural, loving towards animals and the environment,
inexpensive and have no expiration date. Plus, they really work!

"In order to change the structure of something
(including social structure),
it is necessary to be able to perceive and live
beyond the limits of the structure and ideally
beyond all structure to embody the formless."


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