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Let me introduce you to TRUTH DETECTION TECHNIQUES that includes your own INNER TRUTH DETECTOR. Your only requirement is that you share this information with others. Everything here is the result of my perception of TRUTH. It is NOT intended to represent the absolute definition of TRUTH, only what I am able to perceive at this point in my experience. You determine what resonates with your truth.

~Lady Ishtar


Truth of Polarities:

There are many definitions of truth and different levels of truth that we are constantly exposed to. Each individual perceives their life and surroundings according to the level of consciousness they are experiencing. If one is "fearful" then they will perceive things around them as "fearful". Their personal "truth" is that all experiences, people, places and things are threatening to them. However, if one is "peaceful" then one will perceive just the opposite in their experiences. A "peaceful" loving person sees only the good in their surroundings. This is what I call the "truth of polarities".

Truth of Oneness:

If a person sees both sides of duality at the same time, then their truth is entirely different from the "truth of polarities" experience. The "truth of oneness" experience integrates all of the vibrations in ones existence, nothing is ignored or suppressed, and everything is acknowledged as part of the whole. We are ALL ONE is the truth of people experiencing the "truth of oneness" consciousness.

Truth of Consciousness:

What if there was a technique that would clarify the level of consciousness of each person, place, or thing? In January 2002, I was introduced to Dr. Hawkins "Power vs. Force" book. He provides a technique to discover the level of consciousness of everything. He set-up a Consciousness Calibration for each person, place or thing utilizing a numeric scale 1-1000. All vibrations can be calibrated to fall within this scale. The concept is that 1 is barely existing and 1000 represents 100% absolute truth of oneness or full consciousness (Jesus, Buddha, etc.).

The "truth of polarities" falls within the range of 1-599 while the "truth of oneness" calibration starts at 600. Fear calibrates to 100 while Peace calibrates to 500. Oneness/Unity begins at 600 and increases to 1000 with evermore enlightenment. Notice that Peace is the Polarity of Anger/Fear. Peace is therefore only an experience in the polarities it is not the ultimate solution or goal. The total integration of all "truth of polarities" vibrations 1-599 must occur before the "truth of oneness" consciousness calibration of 600 can be experienced. The experience of love, joy, compassion is the only ways that souls can transform from the "truth of polarities" into the "truth of oneness”. Note that the mind/ego cannot perform this transformation... only the experience of the "heart" transforms into wholeness.


If you are interested in exploring your own consciousness calibration, I have created a summarized version of Dr. Hawkins book "Power vs. Force" which utilizes kinesiology to verify the truth. I have expanded Dr. Hawkins truth detector techniques to include the art of dowsing utilizing pendulums. It is interesting to note that the consciousness calibrations in the 400's relate to the mind/intellect. The greatest intellect of the last century (Einstein) calibrates to 499. This means that the intellect can not get us to 500 or above, only letting go of the intellect and experiencing love, joy, and compassion can our consciousness break through the 500 calibration level. The mind/ego "thinks" it has all of the answers but only the heart knows the "feeling" of oneness.

This whole concept of consciousness calibration is only the intellects attempt at understanding the oneness. The mind/ego thinks it understands utilizing "beliefs" but it alone can never experience the actual "knowing" feeling of oneness. The heart "knows" based upon the experiences of participating fully in life embracing the polarities of ALL vibrations.


The consciousness calibration is like the container that holds a volume of energy (chi). Each container (physical body) radiates energy as a sphere that can be measured in feet. I call this energy measurement; the "sphere of influence" or SOI This energy can be determined using dowsing techniques (rods or pendulums). For example, a person with a consciousness calibration of 500 can have an SOI of anything. One may be 35ft and another may be 100ft. This measurement has everything to do with a person’s state of mind and changes daily. For instance the more one focuses on low vibrations such as WAR the smaller the SOI becomes for that person. People with consciousness calibrations of 600+ always have much higher SOIs because their focus is on oneness, which is a high vibration. Full consciousness (1000 CC) can have an SOI of the entire planet!



The techniques to determine your truth begin with your inner being. All TRUTH can be determined from within. This ability is known as "intuition", "gut feeling". The truth can be discerned by ASKING yourself, "Is this my truth?" .... then listen to your body for the answer. For instance when I ask this question and my upper back and shoulders begin to tingle, then I know that it is true for me! If my solar plexus tightens up or a feeling of "sick to my stomach", I know it is not my truth. Unfortunately this ability has been lost in our society with all of the technology that requires a focus of outside of ourselves.


The art of kinesiology is another technique to determine truth. Kinesiology is a scientifically proven concept that is not totally understood by scientists. The body’s muscles respond to truth by becoming "strong" and to non-truth by becoming "weak". The easiest muscle to test is the arm muscle that is used to hold the arm away from the body and parallel to the ground. A second person must ask the question and then put pressure on the extended arm from the top. The first person is then required to try to be strong and not allow their arm to be pushed downward. If the question is TRUE then the arm will remain "strong" and not be able to pushed downward. If the question is FALSE, then the arm will become "weak" and the pressure will result in a downward movement regardless of hard the first person tries to resist.


The art of dowsing is also a technique that is accepted by the majority of people when it relates to finding water! However, dowsing can be used on absolutely anything. The INTENT is set before starting the act of dowsing. For example, when I am dowsing for the sphere of influence (SOI), I set the INTENT by stating that I am measuring the number of feet that the persons energy (CHI) extends away from their body and I call this measurement SOI. The energy field can then be dowsed using "rods" or "pendulums". I have used both methods but prefer pendulums as it is much easier and faster to reach the answer. Note that if the person is not present but in a remote location, then the use of pendulums is mandatory.




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