Lord. Sky Father; weather god. 
Jupiter / Moon / Pluto / Saturn / Sun / Earth / Air / Fire / Water / Autumn / Winter / Sunset
(Middle Eastern: Semitic: Canaanite, Palestinian, Phoenician)

Baal rules wind, rain, thunderstorms, lightning, war, vegetation, springs, arable land, the seasons, autumn and winter rainstorms, the agricultural cycle, and fertility. His name is also spelled Ba'al, Bel, and Beel. His titles include The Prince, Divine King, The Almighty, The Thunderer, Lord of Sky and Earth, Lord of the Earth, King of the Gods, He Who Mounts the Clouds, The Shade, Rider of the Clouds, Son of Dagon, Lord of the Mountain of Saphon, and Mightiest of Warriors.

Other names for Baal include Rapiu, Rimmon, Aliyan Baal, Aliy the Warrior, Athar-Baal, Baal Brathy, Baal Gad, Baal Karmelos, and Baal Marqod. He is Baal-Haddad (also spelled Hadad and Adad), the Mighty; and Baal Zephon (also spelled Tsaphon, Saphon, or Sapon), Lord of the North, Lord of the North in the Heights. To Palestinians he was Baal-Hazor and Baal-Zebul (also spelled Zebub), Lord of Zebulon, Lord of the Mansions of the North. To Moabites he was Baal Peor, and in Egypt he was Baal-Khepeshef (Baal is upon his sword). To Phoenicians he was Baal-Berith, Baal-Hammon (also spelled Ammon, Hermon, and Khamon), and Baíal Karnayin (also spelled Qarnaim), Lord of Carthage, Master of the Horns, and Two-horned Baíal. As Baal Shamim (also spelled Shamen, Shamem, Shamin, Shamayim, and Shamain), he is Lord of the Heaven, Lord of the Assembly, Lord of the Skies, and Bearer of Thunder. Baalim is his plural form.

Frankincense is sacred to Baal. The bull is his sacred animal. Rams are sacred to Baal-Hammon and Baíal Karnayin, goats to Baal Gad, and flies to Baal-Zebul, whom Christian syncretized with their Devil as Beelzebub, Lord of Flies.

Invoke Baal for rain, storms, justice, judgment, good harvests, weather magic, legal matters, executive power, the fertility of the land, and battling chaos. Sunset is the most powerful time of day for his invocation. Invoke him as Baal Marqod for healing, as Baal Karmelos for oracles, as Baal Zephon for prophesy, and as Baal-Shamain for the protection of rulers.

Burn frankincense or cedar to honor or invoke Baal. Appropriate offerings to him include gold, silver, gemstones, lapis lazuli, roast meat, fresh loaves of bread, mandrake roots, honey, cymbal music, songs, scented oil, and goblets or pitchers of new wine. Edible offerings may be left on the earth for him, and liquid offerings may be poured out upon the earth as libations to him. Perform the Great Rite to ask Baal for beneficial rain. Wild storms are a powerful time for his invocation.  

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