Great Goddess of life-giving waters.
Mars / Venus / Saturn / Water / Pisces
(Near Eastern: Persian; Armenian; Afghani; Scythian)

Anahita rules life, fresh water, semen, rivers, war, breast milk, and reproduction. Her worship was widespread and she was known by many names, including Anaitis, Ana-Hid, Anahid, Nahid, Anahit, Ananita, Sura Anahita, Ardvi Anahita, and Anailtis-Tanata. Her titles include Immaculate One, Great Goddess of Waters, Holy Spring, Great Lady, Mother of Sobriety, The Golden Mother, Immaculate Virgin Mother of the Lord Mithras, and Benefactor of Humanity. As Ardvi Sura Anahita, her titles were The Heavenly Spring, The Wide Expanding, and The Humid, Strong, Immaculate One.

February 10 is her feast day, when she is celebrated as Anaitis. Invoke Anahita for fertility, protection, healing, battle, victory, fertility, knowledge, procreation, purification, sobriety, water magic, river spells, defensive magic, love spells, safe passage over water, weather magic, sacred promiscuity, wish magic, safe childbirth, defending blind and deaf people, purifying semen, breast milk or the womb, and for increase, especially of herds and of wealth. A single woman can ask her for a strong husband, and couples with fertility problems can ask her for a baby. Invoke her as Ardvi Sura Anahita for good health. Anahita will not grant blessings to those who are evil or miserly.

All contact with Anahita should be made during daylight hours. Any place where fresh water flows, such as the bend in a river, is suitable for her rituals or invocation. Praise, prayers, spells, good deeds, sexual encounters, meat, and fragrant green branches, such evergreens, are appropriate offerings to Anahita. Her four horses represent rain, snow, hail, and sleet. A libation prepared with water from all of those sources would be appropriate for her. Libations of the sacred intoxicating drink called soma or haoma, and sacrifices of oxen, lambs, male horses, and cattle, especially white cows, were offered to her in ancient times. According to a Persian hymn, a libation for Anahita must be cleanly prepared and well-strained. Healthy men of good character may drink her libations.

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