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Shane Donnelly  January 23, 2004

Hi, I read on your site that I am allowed to submit my spell here, I
thought I'd let you know one of my favourites, allthough, I have not yet found a way to stop what I have created, perhaps because my spell
must run its own course, anyway, here it is:

Rain Spell

You will need a bowlful of pebbles collected from a beach (if you live
away from a beach, any natural stone will do, although a piece of igneous rock seems to work best for me---

A bowl of water that has ran over rocks, either pour water over rocks
yourself or collect it from a stream (NOTE- White Water is best, I managed to get some last year and my rain storm lasted about 4 times as long as usual)---
Some sea salt---
Any type of bowl that can hold liquids and a stone---

Here is what you need to do-

Select a rock or pebble from the collection you have...it must be a
stone you feel comfortable with, meditate over which stone you use for a while because the wrong stone can lead to disastrous consequensous.

Put your stone in your bowl and
**This takes a long time**
Sprinkle the water onto the stone using your fingers, simulating the effects of rain.
While doing this chant the following-

From above, to the ground,
Rain falls and makes this sound,

Listen carefully to the sounds you are making when sprinkling the water
onto the stone (this is how your terrential downpour should sound).

After you have said this three times, leaving intervals between if you
think it neccessay- take some sea salt ( as much as you can get using
only the moisture left on your fingertips) and dip this in your water
(**It doesnt matter how much salt you use, but in general more salt
used means bigger drops of rain**)

Repeat the water sprinkling process three times.

Once you have done this take out your stone and dry it in your hands,
making sure you don't dry the stone on anything other than your hands,
and your hands using nothing but the air. After your stone is **in your
opinion** dry enough to continue, move on to the next step---

Hold the stone above you in both hands and ask to recieve the rain, use
any chant you want, just make sure it has something to do with rain,
or water in there- Here are two examples--

1. Pass this water down to me, I ask for rain, blessed be...

2. Droplets, Cupfuls, Rivers, Streams, Send the downpour of my dreams...

You should repeat these out loud seven times, then say them inside as
many times as you want...until your storm starts...

I am still looking for a way to 'cut off' or give adverse effects to
this spell, but I am so far without luck, If you find a way to do this,
please let me know...
Thank You, Bless You All, Enjoy your unique gift, you have obviously
done something good to earn it!

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