Stacey's Mom
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My Dearest Stacey,

To do anything in life successfully, you must remain Focused!
You are at an age where this is hard to do. What I am about to
teach you will not happen over night. You may ask: Will it work?
Yes it will, but you may not like all of the answers :-(

What will happen is you will find peace of heart. Your mother loved
you very much (I felt this when I viewed her picture.)

What I give you is not White Magick, but a way to tap the Magick
that is within everyone's heart and soul.

Your incenses, white candles and photo will serve you well.
You need but a few more things.

For this ritual you will need these materials:

bulletExtreme Quite (NO TV's, music or distracting sounds etc.).
bulletA semi-dark room.
bulletA Comfortable Chair.
bulletA short tapered White Candle or a Short Squat one, your choice :-)
(Note: Votive candle & holders will work. Once this candle is must not be put out.
You will use a new candle each time you do this.
If by accident is goes out, just re-light it. The candle must burn out on its own.
You will need a supply of candles, and a place to set this all up that is more or less fire proof 
(In Wicca this is called an Altar, for you a Table :-)
bulletA small bowl of fruit (your choice).
bulletYes you can light some Incense, if it does not distract you.
bulletMirror Magick can do more harm then good.

The Ritual

Print out your Mom's photo, use landscape
(color or black & white) Click HERE for photo.

Place your print out of your Mothers Photo in a frame or
give it a stiff backing to ovoid sagging.

Find a space in your home to set up a chair and small table.
(Remember, you will not soon move any of this.)

Place your Mothers photo at the back of the table.

Place your Votive Candle & Holder in front of the photo.

Place your bowl of fruit in front.


Votive Candles & Holders are best.)

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