February 2004

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Lady Ishtar's Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 2
February 2004
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In This Issue:

1. Is
htar’s “Book of Shadow”.
2. Loving Yourself.
3. Lizard Totem.
4. How do I perform a love spell?

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1. Ishtar’s “Book of Shadow”

Ishtar's Book of Shadows is over 200 pages in length and contains
beautiful graphics and illustrations. All of the spells are completely
explained to insure no errors.

Each book is password protected.  Your Book of Shadows is for
"Your Eyes Only" unless you choose to share.  To purchase
Please visit this link:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view my book.
If you don't have it follow this link to get it:
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follow this link to view a sample:

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2. Loving Yourself

One of the biggest problems facing most people today is lack of
self-esteem. Our society does nothing to promote self-esteem in our
children. In fact, just the opposite occurs. A baby is born knowing
that it is the most beautiful, wonderful thing in existence. But as we
grow up, we are told: "You're bad.", "You aren't as smart as your
brother.", "Only babies cry.", "Go play and leave me alone." Plus
many other things to destroy our self-esteem.

One of the most important things we as humans need to learn is
self-love.  If we do not love ourselves, it is impossible for others to
love us or for us to love anyone else. So, we are a society of people
who hate themselves and have no idea how to love anyone. As a
result of this, child and spousal abuse is rampant. Murders occur
every day. Love can change all of this.

We are taught that if we love and care for ourselves that we are being
selfish. This couldn't be further from the truth. The more you love
yourself, the more love you have to give to others. By caring for
yourself, you are then able to care for others.

But, how do we learn to love ourselves? Most people have no idea,
because they have no role models to follow. Let's begin now to
become role models for our children and our children's children. Try
the following exercises and learn to love yourself.

1. Concentrate on something you love such as a rose, animal or
child. After you have generated these strong feelings within yourself,
transfer those feelings of love toward yourself. Look at your body,
appreciating each part of it. Touch it and feel it's texture. Feel
yourself inside it.  Caress it. Smell it. Speak kindly to it. Practice this
daily until you are comfortable with the exercise.

2. Choose a part of your body that you dislike or are ashamed of.
Concentrate on that body part and direct love into it. You can try
talking to it kindly and stroking it. If there is pain in your body, give it
extra love. Then send love to your whole body. Try using the colors
of green, rose, gold and white, filling your body with the colors.

3. Sit in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and love yourself.
Do not allow yourself to make any judgments about the things you
feel are wrong with yourself. If you find yourself doing this,
immediately change the judgment to a loving thought. Speak kindly
to yourself. Look deeply into your eyes and see the spirit there.
Notice how beautiful your eyes are.
Notice the positive aspects of your features.

4. Stand before a full-length mirror nude. Love and accept every part
of your body. Touch your body and love it. When negative self-
judgments arise, speak them out loud and feel your emotional
response to them.  Replace the negative judgment with a positive
statement about that part of your body. Fill this body part with
unconditional love. Cover your entire body in this way.

Some of these exercises will not be easy, but they will be well worth
any embarrassment your suffer starting them.

* * * * * * * *
3. Lizard Totem


Lizard medicine is the shadow side of reality
where your dreams are reviewed
before you manifest them physically.

If you have a Lizard totem, listen to your own intuition
above anyone else's.
Pay attention to your dreams for they show us
what we do not perceive when awake.
Dreams are shadows showing your fears and hopes.
Make a dream log and record your dreams.  
Look for your symbolic and reoccurring dreams
and study them carefully.

Lizard can also teach you to become more detached in life.
Sometimes it is necessary to separate yourself from others
to accomplish what is necessary.
Lizard helps you awaken the ability for objective detachment.
It can show you how to break from the past.
* * * * * * * *
4. How do I perform a love spell?

This is probably one of the toughest and most common questions I
encounter.  I have the power to change so many things in other peoples
lives -- why shouldn't I draw someone special to him or her? 

The problem isn't the ability, but the ethics. Performing a spell to
alter another person's behavior without their knowledge is not only
dangerous, it's not likely to get you healthy and positive results.

But, don't lose hope -- there is something that you can do to draw the
love you seek.  You can perform a spell to allow someone to find the
courage to express their feelings for you, or to help you find love in
something or someone that you didn't expect.

You might think that performing a love spell in such generic terms
won't get you what you're looking for, but if this certain someone
does have feelings for you that he's afraid to express, this spell will
reach him and allow the love to grow naturally.  If you've somehow
misjudged him and he's not the best fit for you, then you've done
no harm to yourself or to him or her.

Perform the spell during the waxing moon, since you are trying to
draw positive things toward you. The increasing light of the moon
represents the increased love you want to see in your life. Set up
altar space as you normally would, if you have something you
typically use for sacred work. If not, setting things up on a cleared-
off table is fine. Make sure the space you set up makes things a little
different than the everyday. For instance, if you do this in your living
room, push the furniture back a bit, work by candlelight, and take the
coasters and books off the coffee table.  This will trigger in your
mind that you're performing sacred work.

Use a pink candle to represent love and rub tonka bean oil on the
candle. Procure a piece of red aventurine (if you can find a necklace
with this stone, that's even better). Red aventurine is ideal for luck in
love. Also, get a piece of nice stationary, a red ink pen, and a piece of
red embroidery floss about 7-10 inches long. When you perform the
spell, make sure you won't be disturbed for a while.

The key to a love spell, as to any spell, is to be specific. Don't just
call on the goddess to "deliver love" or you might wind up with a
stray puppy on your doorstep, ready to be your best friend. What
you're trying to do is to describe exactly what you're looking for and
exactly in what time period you would like it to happen.
Keep in mind that you shouldn't get too pushy with deity, nor set up
unrealistic expectations.

Keep the time frame to something simple, like a moon's cycle.

Take a bath before you perform the spell with lots of candles and
your favorite incense burning. Part of drawing love is loving yourself,
so pamper yourself. Taking a bath not only purifies your body, but
also purifies your mind by allowing you to cast away mundane,
everyday thoughts (what to buy at the grocery store, what bills
need to be paid, what homework needs doing) and focus on your
work. This is your time with divinity.

Next, dress yourself in an outfit in which you feel most attractive.
Sit down and light your pink candle, with the red aventurine lying
before it, as well as the pen and paper. Ask the goddess to be
present and assist you with your spell. You can call on a particular
aspect of a goddess with whom you work well.
I don't advise calling on a goddess you don't know by name.
Instead, call on the aspect of the mother goddess to assist you.
You can say something like, "Divine Mother, grant your blessings
on me as I perform this spell. Help me find a lover who is best
suited to me, as your will dictates." Then light the pink candle.

Next, take the piece of aventurine and hold it to your heart. Imagine
the happiness of love and see yourself as attractive and worthy of
love. Feel these qualities go into the stone. Say out loud,

"The person best suited for me
will find me and express their love for
me in one month's time.
And I will be ready to accept and
receive this love when it comes to me."

Once you finish your spell, you will carry this stone with you
(or wear it, if it's a necklace) as a reminder and talisman to
draw love to you.

Put the stone back down and take up the pen. On your paper, write a
poem or paragraph describing your ideal lover (but not a particular
person who you think of as your ideal lover.) Remember that
personal qualities should take precedence over physical attributes.
Also write down the activities that you'd like to do with your future
love. Also, make sure that you stress romantic over platonic love, if
that's what you're looking for. Specificity is key.

Fold your paper in half three times and say,

"By the power of three
times three, the love
I seek will come to me."

Tie the red embroidery floss around the paper and carry it
with you until your love reaches you.

Be sure to thank the goddess you called, saying something as
simple as,

"Divine Mother, I thank you for
your assistance and presence."

Finally, allow the candle to burn itself out in a safe place.
When you've found a loving relationship, thank the goddess again by
planting something or helping to clean up a park. Strive to send
love out into the world that you've received.

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