Lust for Me Spell

Creating Desire and Breaking Down Inhibitions

These are powerful words for you:

I want your love and your friendship.

But more than that, I want you to desire me like no other. I want you to feel the heat running through your veins, and I want you to have strong, uncontrollable thoughts about holding me, caressing me, making love to me.

When you think of me, your temperature will soar and lustful thoughts will fill your mind so that no matter what youíre doing youíll be distracted and not be able to get me out of your mind. Think of me as you would a wild, carefree lover. And donít hold back the lust you have in your heart. Iím yours Ė completely, totally yours.

I want you to lust for me until you can barely stand it. I want you to rush into my arms the moment you see me, to fulfill so many of your fantasies. Letís experience what others merely dream of. Letís do it.

bulletLust for me and youíll be happily surprised at what I can do for you.
bulletLust for me and weíll be the envy of every one who knows us.
bulletLust for me and weíll live an incredible life together.
bulletLust for me and make our world complete.

Now is the time to act upon your dreams. A world renowned psychic, Burton, will apply his formidable skills in opening the gates of desire in the person of your choice. You could be in their arms sooner than you think, engulfed in flaming desire and uncontrolled passion.


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