Sky father; the creator; head of the Olympic pantheon.  (bright sky)
Jupiter / Uranus / Pluto / Air / Earth / North / Spring / Winter
(European: Greek)

Zeus rules thunder, lightning, storms, conquest, establishment, high places, the sky, the weather, the hearth, and the human race. His titles include All-Father, King Zeus, God of Gods, Cloud Gatherer, Preserver of Fugitives, Lord of Dodona, and Zeus of the White Poplar. He is also Zeus Eluetherious, Zeus Herkeios, Zeus Gamelis, Zeus Hikesios, Zeus Kronides, Zeus Ktesios, Zeus Soter (The Savior), Agoraios Zeus (Zeus of the marketplace), Zeus Xenios, Zeus Chronius, Zeus Ammon, Zeus Katachthonios (Zeus of the Underworld), Zeus Picus, Zeus Nemeios, Zeus Nosios, Zeus Orkeios, Zeus-Serapis, and Zeus Hypatos. He is a god of wrath as Zeus Maimaktes, and a city god as Zeus Polieus or Polias.

Blue and green are Zeusís colors. The eagle is his sacred bird, and the ram his sacred animal. Oak, olive, beech, and white poplar are his sacred trees. The lightning bolt is both his weapon and his symbol. The Greeks named the month when winter storms began Maimakterion, for Zeus Maimaktes. Zeus was honored during the festival of the Theogamia, the sacred marriage of Hera and Zeus. This was held during the winter, in January or February.

Invoke the great god Zeus for action, ambition, conquest, protection, justice, friendship, fatherhood, omens, mercy, sudden inspiration, creative vision, money spells, weather magic, love (or lust) at first sight, protection from guests, enforcing oaths, revealing truth, clearing away the old to make room for the new, and to protect orphans, strangers, fugitives, travelers, the weak and the needy.

Invoke him as Zeus Gamelis for marriage, as Zeus Nosios for healing, as Zeus Eluetherious to protect freedom, as Zeus Hikesios to protect suppliants, as Zeus Xenios for hospitality and to protect strangers, as Zeus Ktesios to protect property, as Zeus Polias or Polieus to protect the city, as Zeus Herkeios to guard the home, and as Zeus Chronius or Green Zeus for fertility and earth magic. A grove of oak trees is a powerful site for the invocation of Zeus. To honor him, dedicate such a grove in his name.

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