God of death and fertility; a Trickster.
Pluto / Mercury / Earth / Gemini / Scorpio / Wednesday

(Mesoamerican: Mayan; Guatemalan)


Maximon (pronounced ëmah-shee-mohní) rules death, healing, crossroads, fertility, and male sexual power. He is a modern incarnation of the chthonic Mayan god Mam. After the European invasion, Maximon became syncretized with St. Simon. Other names for Maximon include Max, Mam, Rilaj, Acha, San Simon, Hermano San Simon, San Simon Judas, Brother Simon, Little Brother Simon, and Brother Saint Simon Peter. Tobacco is his sacred plant, and black is his color. Maximon is celebrated on the Wednesday following the first Sunday after the Spring Equinox (the Wednesday before Easter).

Invoke Maximon for magic, protection, healing, prosperity, divination, fertility, lust, wealth, dream messages, worldly success, image magic, love spells, sex magic, wish magic, Trickster-energy, male sexual potency, success in business, a good harvest, and for help and protection in times of crisis. He can also be invoked for removing negative energy, removing an enemy, opening a way, purifying the soul, and saving a childís life. Burn a red candle before his image for love, a green candle for prosperity, a yellow candle to protect your loved ones, and a black candle to protect yourself from envy.

To honor Maximon, make offerings to his image or ceremonially wash the clothes in which his image is attired. Appropriate offerings include incense, candles, money, roosters, tortillas, rum, cigars, cigarettes, silk scarves, Coca-Cola, citrus-scented perfume, and herbs such as rue, lemongrass, and citronella. The water in which the clothes of Maximonís image have been washed is a charm against sadness, fear, and witchcraft.

Maximon enjoys great popularity with his mostly male devotees. He is a Trickster, so it is said to be best to keep his offerings constantly renewed.

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