Great Goddess; mother goddess; sky goddess.
Venus / Moon / Air / Water / South / Friday / Spring /Taurus
(European: Norse; Germanic; Saxon; Dutch)

Frigg rules rules marriage, childbirth, motherhood, fertility, spinning, the household, the well-being of the tribe and family, and the naming of children. She is the matron of midwives and married women. Other names for Frigg, which is also spelled Frig and Frige, include Frigga, Friga, Frija, Frijz, Fricka, Frick, Frea, Frewa, Fruwa, Hlin, Hlyn, and Lin. Vrou-elde is a Dutch name for her.

Friggís titles include All-Mother, Well-Beloved Lady, Queen of the Aesir, Queen of the Asyniur, Queen of the Goddesses, Queen of the Heavens, and Frau Frick. The Milky Way is called Vrou elden-straat, in Frigg's honor. The constellation of Orionís Girdle is called Friggjar rockr, or Friggís distaff. Frigg and Frick are still used as a euphemism for the more common English F-word.

Mistletoe and thorn bushes are Friggís sacred plants. The linden is her sacred tree. Frigga Blot is celebrated on May 27. May 30 is also Friggís feast day.

Invoke Frigg for magic, foresight, fertility, fate, protection, marriage, health, independence, vitality, cunning, wisdom, physical passion, sex magic, sexual freedom, magical power, Trickster-energy, lunar magic, shape-shifting, spinning, knot magic, help during childbirth, keeping secrets, protecting the household, commanding Earth elementals, finding the right name for a new child, and knowing the past, the present, or the future. Friday is the most powerful day for Friggís invocation.

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