The Fates, Gray Sisters, Enforcers, & Horae

The FatesThe Fates
The Fates, also called the Moerae or the Parcae, determined when life begins, when it ends, and what happens in between. They were made up of three women:
bulletClotho, who appeared as a maiden and spun the thread of life. Her name meant The Spinner
bulletLachesis, who appeared as a matron and measured the thread of life. She was the Caster of lots
bulletAtropos, who cut the thread of life, and appeared as a crone. Her name meant, Unbending Though the smallest of the three, she is the most terrible.

They were the daughters of Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (or of Zeus and Themis). Some say that Zeus could intervene in their decisions and that they could be manipulated, but in most myths they were eternal and more powerful than any of the Gods. Another story says they are the parthenogenic daughters of Ananke. In Delphi, they only worshipped Clotho and Atropos.


The GraiaiPerseus hiding the eye of the Graiai
The Graiai, or the the three Gray Sisters, were beautiful. They were described as "fair-faced and swan-like" but they's had gray hair from the day they were born and they shared one eye and one tooth, but they lost even that when Perseus stole their eye and later threw it in a lake. Despite being so easily taken advantage of, they were very wise. Their names were:
bulletDeino or Dread (or Terrible)
bulletEnyo or Horror (or War-like)
bulletPemphredo or Alarm (or Wasp)

They were probably goddesses worshipped by the swan cults (swans were not just a symbol of beauty, but also of cunning and other darker meanings).

The Keres
The Keres are also called the Dogs of Hades. They are associated with the Harpies and the Erinyes, and they are terrifying creatures. They are sharp clawed creatures who dress in red and drink the blood of their victims. They carry out the Fates' commands and are often seen hovering around battle fields.

The ErinnyesOrestes Pursued By the Furies, by Bouguereau
The Erinnyes (in English, the Furies) were some seriously fearsome creatures. They were conceived when Uranus' spilled blood hit Gaia's body, and were therefore older than any of the Olympian Gods. "These Erinnyes are crones with snakes for hair, dogs' heads, coal-black bodies, bats' wings, and bloodshot eyes. In their hands they carry brass-studded scourges and their victims die in torment." It isn't a great idea to mention their names in conversation, so instead you should call them the Eumenides, or the Kindly Ones. There are three:
bulletTisiphone, the Avenger
bulletMegara, the Jealous
bulletAlecto, the Unresting

Their purpose was to torment sinners, which they did on Earth as well is in Tartarus. The sight of one could cause insanity, and they often drove offenders to suicide. Originally they punished only offenders of patricide, matricide, or breakers of oaths, but after a while they punished any sins. They lived in Erebus (Darkness) but traveled the Earth constantly in search of transgressors.

The HoraeThe Horae
They were the Hours and made up of three women:
bulletEunomia, or Order
bulletDike, or Justice
bulletIrene, or Peace

Another one was also often added, Capro, or Fruit. These three immortals ruled law, justice, and peace. They also opened the Gates of Olympus, letting in Immortals and keeping out ambitious idiots who imagined themselves special.

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