Al Uzza

The Mighty. Goddess of love and fertility.
Venus / Moon / Water / Friday / Taurus / Virgo / Pisces
(Arabian: Saudi, Nabatean)

Al-Uzzah rules birth, death, marriage, springs, warfare, raids, grain, the Zodiac, the change of the seasons, the course of heavenly bodies, and Venus as the morning star. The many variant spellings of her name include Al Uzzah, al-Uzza, Al ëUzza, Al Uzza, ëUzza, and Uzza. Her titles include The Great One, The Propitious, and The Venus of Mecca.

Al-Uzzahís symbols include an acacia tree, a cluster of acacia trees, three samura palm trees, and the stone in the Ka'aba at Mecca. Green, her sacred color, was adopted by Islam as its sacred color. The acacia is her sacred tree. Grain and Syrian rue, the harmala plant, are also sacred to Al-Uzzah. Granite and meteorites are her sacred stones. Her sacred animals include the cow, lioness, and snake. In her aspect as Mari (also spelled Meri), she is a sea goddess. Meriís title is The Fish, and dolphins are sacred to her.

Invoke Al-Uzzah for fertility, battle, marriage, riches, astrology, oracles, love spells, seasonal magic, the fertility of crops, killing or taming wild beasts, and guidance in adventures. Invoke her as Mari for sea spells, and to protect seafarers. Al Uzzah received blood offerings in ancient times, sacrifices of humans and animals. She was also honored with visitations, pilgrimages to the places where her trees stood, or where her stone stood with a canopy above it. 

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