REFERENCES: Field Manual 23-65, Technical Manual 9-1005-213-10 .

1. What is the description of the .50 Cal, HB, M2 Machine Gun?

The .50 Cal, HB, M2 Machine Gun is a belt-tied, recoil operated, air cooled, crew served machine gun, capable of firing single shot as well as automatic fire, and operates on the short recoil principle

2. What is the .50 Cal Machine Gun used for?

-Support the infantryman in both the attack and defense

-To provide protection for motor movements, vehicle parks, and train bivouacs

-To defend against low flying hostile aircraft

-To destroy lightly armored vehicles

-Reconnaissance by fire on suspected enemy positions

3. What is the total weight of the M2 completely mounted on the M3 tripod?

128 lbs. (approximately)

4. What is the weight of the M2 Machine gun? 84 lbs.

5. What is the weight of the receiver group? 60 lbs

6. What is the weight of the barrel? 24 lbs. (approximately)

7. What is the maximum range of the .50 Cal (firing the M2 Ball)? 6,764 meters

7a. What is the maximum effective range of the .50 Cal? 1,830 meters (area shot) 1,500 meters (single shot)

8. What is the length of the .50 Cal, overall? 65 inches (approximately)

9. What is the length of the barrel of the .50 Cal? 45 inches

10. What is the muzzle velocity of the .50 Cal? 3,050 ft per sec. (2,080 MPH)

11. What is the sustained rate of fire of the .50 Cal? 40 rounds or less per minute

12. What is the rapid rate of fire of the .50 Cal? More than 40 rounds per minute

13. What is the cyclic rate of fire of the .50 Cal? 450 - 550 rounds per minute


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