LifeMate Entwined Joining Vows

 I come to Thee, just as I am, just as you ‘see’ me; just as you
‘feel’ me; for I am .:DragonKin:.  I am

~~Walker of BOTH our Realms.

I have nothing that is truly mine to give to Thee, my BeLoved. 
All that I am, all that I have,

all that I shall be; is the Mystery…

Gifts from my Goddesses and my Gods.

What I have given to Thee; what I shall give to Thee;
what I will continue to give to Thee; is my Heart;
for I Love You with the Love of the Ages~fiercely,
longingly, passionately, determinedly, the Love that occurs with Wisdom~~yet ever new, ever exciting, whole-heartedly. 

I give Thee, my Friendship;

for I have named Thee “Friend”

These, then, are the Gifts that are mine to give. 

I choose to give them freely to You,

Wilt Thou accept them??

Wilt Thou Entwine with me??

Wilt Thou take me as Thy LifeMate?? 

I bring to Thee and Our Entwined LifeMate Joining: 


for I have chosen, and will continue to choose to
“…Remember…”~*~with my Travels in ALL directions
thru the Veils; between the Realms


…and so the Cycle continues with this Turn;
for We HAVE Entwined and flown Our Mating Flights in
Our BeforeTimes and will do so again, in Our Tomorrows…

 >My Wyrd<

for You know me, in that I speak the Truth…

>Honesty, Good Communication, Trust, Fidelity, Joy, Loyalty,
Friendship, Laughter; are among the many of my Cornerstones

that I bring to- and will build into

>Our Entwined LifeMate Joining< 

I freely give to Thee;

>My utter Devotion to Deity

~^both my Human and my Draconic Deities^*!!

They are first in my Lives: 

These Bodies, these Minds; that my Gods have loaned to me briefly;
I will share with Thee!  Joyfully, Laughingly, Willingly, Sensuously,
Often, Entwining and with as much of an open-mind as
I can bring—in deed, this is one of the myriad of Ways that I can

and WILL bring Joy and Pleasure;

Completeness and Wholeness to You… 

Our Entwined Joining shall be nurtured and made stronger thru my Love and my Like, for and with Thee~~

thru Joy and Sorrow;

 thru Plenty and need;

thru Health and not-health

for my Joining with Thee, both begins in-
and returns to- the Realm of the Gods, even as I return to Home
at my Journeys’ close…even as ALL Beings return Home…
and this is as it should be…

We are NOW Entwined and LifeMates!!! 

^>Thru the Two-who-are-One; 

God and Goddess


For as Their Will;

So Mote It Be!!!<^


 “…Remember…always Remembering…we will be born again in the same place and at the same time and will meet and know and ‘Remember’ and Love again…and when it is our time to stay >Home<; we will ‘Remember’ and ‘Know’ and be whole and complete…and content in the Knowledge that we have learned ALL …and then we SHALL travel twixt >Home< and our Draconic Home World for all of our Days…and truly become >ONE<…”


“…always Remembering…”


(at Twilight>the Tyme-between-Tymes<~30 October 2003}


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