The Gods Prayer


The Earth is my Mother,

I shall not want.

The God is my Strength, my Guardian,

I shall not be afraid!
Their Hands brings forth the green pastures ,
They tarry within the still waters.
They lead me in fields of fruitfulness for my Glory.

Yea, as I walk though these Lives unto the Summerlands
I will not be afraid; for They *are* with me!
The Lady’s Womb in the Earth will enfold me;

The God’s Presence shall guard me.
prepare a Harvest before me;

They Bless my Home and my Workings.
fill me with milk and honey;

 My cup overflows!
With the Blessings of the Gods to uphold me;

Surely, Goodness and Beauty

will nurture me all the days of my Lives;
I will become part of the Earth forever,




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