The items below have magic powers because of their shapes or symbolism. (Bear in mind that the animals and insects listed refer to images of these creatures not the real thing!) You may buy any object (hat strikes your fancy However, try to make it and add a little of your own power to it. Unless a material is specified, use any natural substance wax, clay, etc.

Angel Indicates that you will helped and assisted
Armour Strong protection
Ant Work, economy
Bone Ruin, misery, and old age
Bee Winnings
Billy Goat Bored with everything, great unhappiness
Bouquet Great joy, happiness
Bars Prison, unforeseen difficulties, constraints
Boat Money, gifts, inheritance
Bush Setbacks, delay
Car Travel
Chalice Honor
Censer Praise
Circle Pregnancy, birth
Clover Great luck, winnings
Crown Complete success
Devil Danger, deceit
Duck Malicious gossip, victimization, deceit
Eagle Victory
Flowers Great joy, delight
Hedge Luck, help
Horse-Drawn Coach Fortune, wealth
Milestone Danger
Plane Sudden and hasty departure
Plate Winnings from games
Rat Considerable danger
Ring Small gift
Rose Good health and tender love
Snake Beware of betrayal and other treacheries
Spider Sadness, depression
Stretcher Serious accident
Sword Brutality, violence, danger
Tree Strength, vitality and success at work
Tower Grueling fight
Umbrella Protection
Vase Love is near
Window Beware of the theft
2 Wedding Rings Marriage
1 Wedding Ring Break-up

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