The Cardinal Points

This is where magick takes place, within a circle inside a square formed by the cardinal points.  The four directions are the cardinal points.
Some traditions add a fifth, called zenith or center, but Robert Graves wrote in
The White Goddess:


Space has always been divided by four quarters of the horizon, not by  five fifths.

Sacred to Shun, god of the cardinal points.
An obelisk represents dominion over four quarters, plus zenith.

 The golden Egyptian Amulet of the Tet was also called the Backbone of Osiris. The four crossbars at the top of the Tet amulet represented the cardinal points. A symbol of great religious importance, it enabled the reconstitution of the body in the afterlife and made the deceased a perfect spirit in the underworld. It was steeped in flower-water, empowered with these words, then worn as a necklace:

I Rise up thou, O Osiris! Thou hast thy backbone,
O Still-Heart! Place  thou thyself upon thy base,
I put water beneath thee, and I bring unto  thee
a Tet of gold that thou mayest rejoice therein.


The most powerful direction - the location of magick - the source of Otherworld powers.

Element: Earth - Air
Season: Winter
Time: midnight
Tool: pentacle
Color: brown - black - green
Animal: white buffalo
Rules: lungs - the body - rudeness - mystery - silence - purity - clarity - renewal - vision - the unseen - the power to listen, to keep secrets, to know what not to say



Athena - Baaltis Zapuna - Belili - Earth goddesses - Mertseger, Friend of Silence - Nebhet - Neith - Nephthys - Nerthus - Uatchet


Baal Zebul, Lord of the Mansions of the North - Baal Zephon, Lord of the North - Bel - Hapy, Lord of the Watchtower of the North - Jupiter - Osiris - Seth, Lord of the Northern Sky - Soma - Uriel - Zeus

From The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

Thou Beautiful Power, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern Heaven,  Power of Heaven, Opener of the Disk, thou Beautiful Rudder of the  Northern Heaven

The North Wind:

Awake, O north wind;
and come thou south,
blow upon my garden,
that the spices thereof may flow out.
- the Song of Solomon


Aquilo - Boreas - Cardea - Erichthonius - Ophion
The Silver Castle, the Corona Borealis, is at the back of the north wind


Invocations: Mahabala - Tiksnosnisa - Vayu


Invocations: Isa -  Soma - Uluítuyar - Uruín Ajy Toyoín


Element: Fire - Water
Season: Summer
Time: Noon
Tool: wand
Color: red - orange
Animal: lion - coyote
Rules: liver - energy - spirit - will - love - gentleness - trust - innocence - warmth - hospitality - rapid growth



Fire Goddesses: - Isis, Queen of the South - Mahamantranusarini - Mahapratisara - Mert - Nirrti - Satet - Satis - Satjit - Tin Hau - Vajrapasi

Gods: Ea - Imset, Lord of the Watchtower of the South - Michael - Ninib - Prajnantaka - Ra - Sachiel - Saturn - South Star - Yama - Zocho

From The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

Dweller in the temple of the Red gods,
Beautiful Rudder of the  Southern Heaven,
Dweller in the House of the Tesheru Gods,
the  Beautiful Rudder of the Southern Heaven.

The South Wind:

Invocations: Auster - Cardea - Ninurta - Notus - the Breath of Set, Lord of the Chambers of the South


Invocations: Agni - Takkiraja - Tejosnisa


Invocations: Niladanda - Nirrti - Surya

The Southwest Wind: Auster - Notus


The world direction of the new day.

Element: Air - Fire
Season: Spring
Time: dawn
Tool: athame/sword
Color: white - violet - pastels - green
Animal: eagle - highflying birds
Rules: stomach - spirit - mind - illumination - passion - wisdom - beginnings - the power to know

INVOCATIONS: all dawn god and goddesses


Aja - Aurora - Eos - Hesionë, Lady of Asia - Mahamantranusarini - Neith - Nebhet - Nephthys - Salmaone - Zorya


Chac, Lord of the East - Duamutef, Lord of the Watchtower of the East - Horus, Lord of the East - Indra - Mars - Morning Star - Raphael - Shar - Sopedu, Lord of the East

From The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

Splendor, Dweller in the temple of the Ashemu gods,
Beautiful Rudder  of the Eastern Heaven, Khu, Dweller in the
House of the Ashemu gods,  thou Beautiful Rudder of the Eastern Heaven.

The East Wind: Invocations: Cardea - Eurus - Volturnus


Element: Water - Earth
Season: Autumn
Time: twilight
Tool: chalice/cauldron
Color: sea green - blue - gray - purple - white
Animal: fish - dolphin - sea serpents
Rules: intestines - emotions - guts - introspection - undercurrents - vitality - daring - strength - endingd - the courage to face deepest feelings



Amenti - the Hesperides, Daughters of the West - Hsi Wang Mu, Royal Mother of the Western Paradise - Isis - Mertseger - Sekhmet, Lady of the West - Selkis


Cteryon, King of the West - Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl - Favonius - Itzamna - Gabriel - Hastehogan - Khenty-amentiu, Foremost of the Westerners - Sachiel - Salim - Thoth - Quebehsenuf, Lord of the Watchtower of the West - Ra - Varuna

From The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

Thou who circlest, Guide of the Two Lands, Beautiful Rudder
of the  Western Heaven, Ra, Guide of the Two Lands,
thou Beautiful Rudder of  the Western Heaven.

The West Wind:

Invocations: Cardea - Favonius - Zephyrus


Mayans assigned these correspondences to the cardinal points:

Color: red

Jewel: bloodstone
Color: black - blue

Jewel:  jade - turquoise
Color: yellow

Metal: gold
Color:  white

Jewel: pearls - shells

The Celts had a Four-fold Cycle:


Law - destroying

Element: Earth
Season: Winter
Time: Night
Tool: the stone of Fal


Love - maturing

Element: Water
Season: Autumn
Time: Evening
Tool: the cauldron of the Daghda


Life - beginning

Element: Air
Season: Spring
Time: Dawn
Tool: the sword of Nuadha


Light - increasing

Element: Fire
Season: Summer
Time: Noon
Tool: the spear of Lugh


The ancient Irish divided their land into five directions, each with its own correspondences:

  North (Ulster):
Battle - warriors - conflict,
struggle and pride
West (Connaught):
Learning - Druids - judgment,
chronicles and storytelling
Center (Meath):
Kingship - king/stewards
- stability, bounty and renown
East (Leinster):
Benefit - farmers/householders
- prosperity and hospitality
  South (Munster):
Music - poets/minstrels
- knowledge and fertility

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