To be Beautiful,
You must be Healthy!

It should be noted immediately that the spell ingredients mentioned on this page probably have no cosmetic or medicinal qualities of their own. However, throughout the ages, witches have believed that these substances, combined with the appropriate rituals, have magical powers, to bring beauty and/or health. In practicing these spells, remember to apply the proper amount of concentration. Who knows? Tomorrow you may wake up gorgeous and blooming with health!


To make your skin radiate with natural beauty, gather together one ounce each of anise, fennel, caraway and celery seeds and another ounce each of parsley and sassafras roots. The night before a full moon, mash the seeds to a pulp and cut the roots into small pieces. Put seeds and roots into a jar along with a cup of white wine. Let the mixture stand, uncovered, overnight. In the morning, transfer it to a pot and boil away one third of the liquid. Strain out and discard the herbs and pour the remaining juice into a glass. When the full moon rises, drink it. (It tastes terrible, but generations of satin skinned gypsy girls swear by it.)

To banish a blemish, such as a pimple, wart or corn, rub a pea bean (the kind used in baked beans) on the blemish; then bury the bean. As it decays, your blemish will dry up and disappear. (Use a different bean for each blemish.)

To prevent wrinkles, put a bunch of dried primrose petals in a jar and place a pale blue candle in front of it. Burn the candle down to its socket. Each time you wash your face, throw a handful of the petals into the basin. Fill it with warm water and use as the next-to-last-rinse.

To remove freckles, go out early in the morning and gather a teaspoon of the dew that's settled on the grass and bushes. Mix this with a teaspoon of rosewater and a few drops of olive oil; then dab it on the freckled area. Do this every day for a week; even stubborn freckles should disappear.


To keep hair generally healthy, make certain that all your haircuts (and your husband's) are scheduled during a new moon. Hair that's cut during a full or waning moon loses its luster and may thin or turn gray prematurely. If your hair is already dull or lifeless, try this ancient ritual to enrich its color. Steal a few strands of hair from someone who's blessed with a thick, shiny mane. (Make certain that the hair is a natural shade; if it's dyed, it won't do.) Put the strands in a pot with two cups of water and a drop of your blood. Bring to a boil. When the liquid cools, pour it over your own head, and spread through your hair.

For thinning hair, try this old, and not hard-to-take remedy. Each night before bedtime, put a pinch of red pepper into a half cup of vodka and drink it. Continue until the condition is cured.


Often, spells combine their magic with a little simple psychology. This popular formula for losing weight is just such a combination. Outline the figure you want to have on a full length photograph or drawing of yourself. Place the picture in a spot where you'll see it often for instance, on your stove or refrigerator. On the first night of the full moon, snip a fragment of your excess weight from the picture and say:

"As the moon wanes,
so may I decrease."

Repeat the procedure each night until the new moon appears. (Of course, in the meantime you're doing your best to curb your appetite.) If you still have weight to lose at the end of the allotted time, start the spell again, with a new picture, at the next full moon.


Simply reverse the above process if you want to add pounds. Draw an outline of the fuller figure you'd like around a picture of yourself. At the new moon, start to color in the outline while saying:

"As the moon grows,
so may I increase."


If a problem-ridden day has left you too nervous to sleep one night, brew a tea from thyme and basil leaves. (One teaspoon each of the leaves, steeped in a cup of boiling water.) Drink it, piping hot, before going to bed. This tea relieves the cares of a troubled mind.

For a full-blown case of insomnia, put a head of lettuce into a blender and reduce it to a liquid. Gently rub this on your forehead and temples for a few minutes before going to bed. If you still can't sleep, liquefy another head of lettuce the next night, but drink it this time.

If you have nightmares, take the stockings you've worn during the day and cross the legs to form an X. At the point where the stockings cross, thread in a silver (or silver colored) pin, and hang the stockings at the foot of your bed before you go to sleep. If your nightmares are persistent, try this very strong, but rather inconvenient, ritual. Put a black blanket, sheets and pillowcases on your bed. Turn out the lights before you undress; change into a black nightgown and quietly slip into bed. In theory, the night demons that plague you won't be able to find you in all that blackness.


Like modern science, witchcraft has no cure for common colds but it does have ways to prevent them. According to one ancient method, you should go to an oak tree on a chilly autumn day, and catch a leaf as it falls off the tree; put your catch into a bureau drawer at home and say:

"Summer leaf, let me feel not winter's storm.
Through chill and wind keep me safe and warm."

Or, peel a small, raw potato by the light of a pale blue candle all the while concentrating on your wish to stay free of colds. Carry the potato in your pocket or purse. (This method has one drawback; no matter how shriveled the potato becomes, You must carry the same one all winter.)


Our ancestors believed, with some logic, that fevers were caused by a "fire" in the body. How to put out a fire? With water, naturally. Thus, this old spell. Make seven knots in a piece of string; cast the string over your left shoulder into a running stream (or river) and say:

"Water take this fever from me.
Carry it from here far out to the sea."


When your head is throbbing, try this. 

  1. Braid together four red and three yellow ribbons.
  2. Tie the braid loosely around your head and go on with your usual work. 
  3. Within an hour or so your headache should go away.

Another headache remedy can also be used for any minor pain, such as a toothache, stiff joint, etc. 

  1. Simply take a small piece of iron or a magnet and rub it over the painful area. 
  2. As you rub, tell the ache to be drawn from you to the metal. 
  3. Then take it off your land and bury it (not too close to someone else's home unless you want to give him your ache).

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