The Spirit's Song was lost in me,
my heart was sinking low,
I drifted on the winds of change,
I had nowhere to go.
But, then you came and with your voice,
you spoke in tones so soft,
That in my heart, I found my choice,
you set this bird aloft.

The eagle soared above my head,
my spirit guide was free,
I felt the pull but could not reach,
he was too high for me.
But, then you came, and lifted me,
with love as pure as light,
My feet left ground, you gifted me,
again you gave me flight.

I could not say I'd ever reach
the goals I once had held,
I knew for me there was no use,
my spirit was impaled.
But, then you came, and freed my soul,
you righted what was wrong,
You are my dream, you made me whole,
you are the Spirit's Song.



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