Essential Witchcraft Needs

Though you needn't be a witch to practice witchcraft, there are some witchy things you must do if you are to summon occult powers. This section sets down the basic rules for casting spells. If any part of the rite makes you self conscious, run through it a few times before trying to cast a real, live spell; you must not be distracted in any way when actually working.


For the most powerful effects, witchcraft should be performed late at night. However, unless a spell specifies a time, it is permissible to work during the day, but it weakens the spell. Whether you work during the day or night, some spells must be cast during particular phases of the moon, in witchcraft, the most important phases are the new and full moons. Each occurs at least once a month, but at different times each month. The exact moment at which they appear is listed on many calendars and almanacs. Often you'll find that the moon phase you need occurs at the crack of dawn. This doesn't mean that you have to cast your spell at that precise time; however, do work as close to it as possible, always leaning to the nighttime hours. Thus, if the required moon phase occurs at 3:27 A.M., cast your spell very late the night before.

No spell should he cast until at least three hours have passed since your last meal. Before a major ritual (one that's carried out for several days or longer), some witches fast for a full twenty four hours. This helps the spell's strength, but it's not an absolute necessity.


If a spell takes some time to work, make certain that you carry it out in a spot where you will be undisturbed. Draw the curtains; lock the door and take the telephone off the hook.


As already noted, most of the spells in this book can be worked with ordinary, easily available substances. However, you'll find that some formulas call for ingredients that may seem strange; a fresh tear, some fingernail clippings, etc. These very personal things are absolutely essential in witchcraft. They help to create a strong bond between the person to whom they belong and the spell itself without them, the spell may become powerless. Thus you must not be overly squeamish. When such ingredients are called for, screw up your courage and get them.


When working on a spell try to make your surroundings look a little witchy. It's important to create the right atmosphere; after all, this is an occult art you're practicing! Work by the light of a candle, oil lamp or a fireplace rather than ordinary electricity. Some psychedelic lamps are also very good for creating the right mood, provided that their motion is slow and their colors serene. Often it helps to burn a little exotically scented incense too.

Your spell casting clothes should be loose and spanking clean (and you should take a bath before an important ritual), Somewhere on your body, wear an amulet appropriate to the goal you're trying to reach. (See Amulets & Talisman's.)

When a spell calls for candles, you may use any size (even birthday candles). However, bear in mind that the larger a candle, the greater its power. The same candle can be lit and re-lit each time you perform a certain spell, but you may not use the same candle for different spells.


Though the rituals, tools and other occult trappings are essential, the most important magic comes from you. Ultimately, the strength of any spell depends on the amount of emotion you put into it; how much of your love, hope, and sometimes fear, you direct to the object of the spell.

To summon this emotion, concentrate very hard on the reason for casting your spell. Let yourself be filled with your purpose. If concentration is difficult, try this exercise before starting a ritual. Light a white candle and stare intently, into its flame. Think only of that flame, nothing else. Before long, your mind should be free enough to start the spell. With practice, your concentration should become so deep that you can see really see the goal you're Irving to reach. When you see it in your mind, bring all your willpower to bear in forcing it to happen in real life.


More power to you!


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